we lost something CIVILIZATION

Editor's Note: This is an erasure poem made from an interview conducted by Elizabeth Ellen of Alex Perez on Hobart Pulp. The original interview, which focused on a number of right-wing themes and ideas, was poorly recieved by the literary community; indeed, most of the staff of Hobart Pulp resigned in protest.



we lost something CIVILIZATION




LOPÉ I heard PULE feels he’s independent thinker, talented writer. Who IOWA path post, his IOWA peers lit world. He stereotypes, check boxes, he something state man, writing world, writing world, writing world, fitting stereotypes boxes, LITERARY world. PULE box those statements. I, not nobody, puts PULE box, PULE himself.

PULE My left AMERICA, I afraid mediocre people, I deeply ashamed. I remained PUSSY monster. Storm destroy Miami impact. I Starbucks buddy, we. i’m write whatever fuck I fear. Storm peak my shame. I anymore ended missing Miami. Something changed. I dropped AGENT writing political, cultural. I writing secretly. My cultural commentary: PHILIP ROTH AMERICAn manhood appeared. I’ve paid write, I highly recommend.

I ended IOWA. My BASEBALL fizzled, I needed something. I jock intellectual. I compete highest level. Anymore game, they passed me by, sports lie. I BASEBALL, I shift, I’d limit my god talent. I deck face guy, throwing flamethrower. I’d lower guy, animal, I thought. I’m stud. I’ve stud my pitch boy’s. I box pitch. I ball. I heard game my fate. I forget fastball. My ALEX RODRIGUEZ wiped I writing shot. I RAY CARVER. I IOWA workshop writing. My urban Miami immigrant, I guess worse writer.

I’m Miami. Completely nonLITERARY Miami.

Miami weird strangeness, my biggest LITERARY influence. LITERARY I, weird looks. I secret my taste. I thought, nerd my crazy cousins, my grimy growing. My memory power came drunkenly, his hating dirty rotten communists. Typical Miami shit. I late leaned my bit. My obsession gave me push.

My people, they confused, devastated. I playing BASEBALL write. My IOWA clue, she thought I joining cult. She wrong. I screamed, IOWA, IOWA, IOWA.

LOPÉ Who, LITERARY, influences, they, IOWA?

PULE My influences, predictably BUKOWSKI KEROUAC HEMINGWAY JOCK. Those guys, their strong MASCULINE writing. JUNOT DIAZ revelatory. Write fucked Hispanic shit. White people eat up JUNOT. Those angry LADIES who begged blurbs, pendejo, Yunior, little bitch.

IOWA heavy, CARVER DENIS JOHNSON RICHARD FORD O’CONNOR, those writers who popular. Once IOWA peers, professors, terms, writing valuable. I’m assuming there’s ranked, feel, feel, IOWA retrospect.

IOWA atmosphere, hanging BASEBALL. Miami refugees kids. Harvard Ivies. My professors, IOWA hang talented writers, my league. I writer, I realized, I, my, I, something. I accepted, I writer. Acceptance extremely, because unlike my peers, I hadn’t dreaming writer.

IOWA, because attracts top writers, them, money them, write their mandatory class workshop. I’ve heard dynamics changed, graduated wokeness, workshop, pride. Its insularity seems infiltrated, culture war forces destroy elite liberal.

Economic IOWA, meaning everyone attending middle upper middle higher economic classes, economic component equation. Most people upper middle  class, rich, all elite. Who is people certain demographics, rich elite are aware writing paid, fuck write. Hell, I handful kids who IOWA. I aware grift, buddy mine, he clued me game.

Rich white people I met, cool. Rich white people changed cool. They IOWA, sprinkling lower tier brutes, me spice, color. Tough class, middle class people becoming writer, attendant lifestyle.

LOPÉ Who, writers, IOWA, vibe, feeling, competitiveness?

PULE Mine graduation writer, who others those who writing. I’m IOWA pariah. I’m heterodox writer. I workshop Twitter, they says all. I brought shame. Esteemed institution happen. I’m IOWA pariah.

The vibes, I BASEBALL intellectual. My competitive BASEBALL disabused me, thoughts grandeur, greatness. My greatness: I scrape lowly scribe. I compete Harvard kids, their elite. I feel rich, kids competing. Sexy IOWA, massive deal. IOWA striving, credentialist worldview elite class.

I feel LITERARY world, writer me, writing MASCULINE urban dudes. I heard rumor, male writer whose accepted LITERARY due. Female editor’s complaint. Bro ee thirdhand gossip, acceptance rescinded.

I feel guy, me writing MASCULINE, LITERARY culture, culture large, began shift all.

Example IOWA. I workshop called college BASEBALL. Pair college football players meet girls, party campus. Football players decide girls BASEBALL narrator party. Opa locka the hood, they’re shit goes, hood, sexual, gritty, nasty, IOWA. My peers, elite whites, surely hood deviance squalor. They mucking my hood who scoring touchdowns, scoring white girls. Rich whites, they problematic. Neither wokeness, however people thought misogynistic, woke language structure. They themselves nasty. Their obvious wokeness, prudish passive aggressiveness lurking, idiotic grievance language, rich whites pathologically obsessed, race, gender, they seeds planted.

Fast forward. Buzz affair. Race, white guilt virtual signaling mumbo jumbo. Rich white people, rich white. People cool convinced them rich white bad. Writers, artists, eggshells. Rich white, elite whites, feel guilty.

If I IOWA workshopped, they’d kick me me. Nope, elite LITERARY world writer, me.

Does seem definite ideology comes accepted publisher. Meaning, they individual me. They write promiscuous woman. Unless something bad, her same homosexual, their comeuppance. I same, true, espousing certain political points is liberal points.

LOPÉ4 I think I write compelling, despite myself choice. Who unvaccinated, who bro ee? Bad happening, them realizing, their wrong accepted. Assuming compelling, well written, they wouldn’t?

PULE4 My opinion allowed everyone writing. We opinions, us mean, they wrong we we. They bad people, unworthy written sided representation.

My everyone admits private LITERARY world aligns. Progressive, woke, rich, liberals mindset, whiteness. AMERICA inherently problematic evil. Publishers, editors, AGENTs, white people bad, brown people AMERICA, bad men bad, white women. I think, bad. Unless they PUSSY, explains rich  fuck. Brooklyn confronting his white guilt. Poor black girl who’s fighting whiteness patriarchy. Her ideologically driven horseshit propagated artless people.

You whisper. I promise I’m IOWA pariah. I’m gimmick. AGENTs editors, publishers, white women, certain background, these woke LADIES industry. Contrary popular belief. I hate Brooklyn LADIES contrary. These passive aggressive prude LADIES, industry Brooklyn LADIES.

Everyone. These LADIES, everyone querying AGENTs. Everyone dealing publicist. Twitter them all, white girl liberal. Same kind, BIPOC voices, marginalized communities, white men evil, brown people lovely. AMERICA. Awful Hillary shoved my head tote bag, cried, cried, cried, she lost.

These women, diverse people decide who worthy unworthy LITERARY representation. Their worldview trickles small journals. Woke women, bored middle aged housewives, explains everything reads sounds same. Vanity readership, progressive woke orthodoxy. Ideology controls entire apparatus.

You’ll unvaccinated woke commissars, them worthy represented these types people. They’re white class, repugnant woke progressives, lifers. Unvaccinated LITERARY treating them damn revolutionary. I’m disgusted, enraged, damning fellow AMERICAns.

I think these same forces, abrasive class manner, disgusts woke gatekeepers industry, write Brooklyn women proper, pristine, who blame patriarchy, capitalism problem. Their women broken their self destructive tendencies, passing political fads. Women vote, women wrong, type women.

Famous writing conference, writers privilege everyone. I heard disbanded, my basically revolted, bored old dilettantes. Money play, summer camp, week desperate writers, break, bow, altar. Brooklyn LADY AGENTs conference ships. Rich geezers, woke whites, occasional token. POC sprinkled. Progressive space LITERARY world nutshell conference

Thinking something chosen, forgetting, wording minority voices. RAYMOND CARVER, I thought cynical, sad. I think primarily gender’s, certain race’s, political bent’s.

LOPÉ5 We lose us, we lost something civilization, we.

Fentanyl overdose we allow divide us. I gender, race, sexuality. Are you’re pain suffering heartache victims themselves members which I witnessed almost everyone?

PULE5 Who SHERMAN ALEXIE choose, I mean, speaks him being him, feel something he, we, I...

The chosen ALEXIE. I’m calling RAYMOND CARVER. Addiction, failure, loneliness, isolation, shame, relatable fentanyl opioid suicide epidemic. I people, who lost ones suicide. Overdose, I who died. Covid, we barely talk. Suicide, opioids, overdoses. RAYMOND CARVER DENIS JOHNSON examples. Relatable, ever necessary, ever my opinion.

Minority voices, woke white people talk, they minority voices. They’d diversify their hiring practices, hire black female editors, hispanic dudes, old asian LADIES. Actual marginalized people. I’d selected old asian lady. Editorships, AGENT gigs. Woke white LADIES shrink those careerist gals. They tote bags, hang their midtown Manhattan offices, their fellow gals lunch brunch. I wouldn’t either, instead giving their actual minority, we hear woke idiocy. AMERICAn person, colorminority voices, mindset toxic fractures. People becomes impossible, share their identity markers, political orientation. I categorically foments division hatred

People, color, creed, gender, stupid political taxonomies, existential despair comes us all despair once comes. Person, they despair me, rarely ever does politics ideology. Almost loneliness, heartbreak, loss, etc. reflects despair. We face us separate people.

Separation induced categorical classifications seek villainize people. Fellow AMERICAns overdosing alone. Despair, unimaginable scale, people dying, men flyover villains. Spaces applaud their demise. They’re white trash, they’re rubes, they Trump dehumanize them. They’re privileged DENIS JOHNSON tells fuckhead hole, his cheek dares him.People, white dude, hollowed midwestern who’s hooked fentanyl. He’s him, he’s passed gutter, his heartbeat slowing trickle, his dreams, he fading him, he’s privileged him, he ODs.

Something certain. People disappointed ALEXIE hasn’t atoned his, some alleged admitted sins. Twitter ALEXIE hasn’t atoned. Wouldn’t private public privy atonement? We sinners, I mean. I, we, schadenfreude, sin is self righteousness. Lack humbleness, lack one’s humility, lack.

ALEXIE supposed business, he hurt, thinks he needs person, he me. I’m old. I atonement writers, artists, entail ALEXIE supposed national speaking tour, apologizing. His readers allowed his again. Does ALEXIE prostrate himself me atoning? I grab toughest Indian world, my bookshelf.

Writers. I’m judge, jury, reader. I think sinners bad people. Trouble rubric, we draw line. We. Obviously, BURROUGHS, he shot his wife dead. Notorious drunk, CARVER DAVID FOSTER WALLACE who accounts treated women, shit me simple writing.

These Twitter atonement writers, they’ve met, aren’t driven morality. Purity test. They think ALEXIE pay he’s bad man, you’re bad association. These kinds people, who’d throw under bus, they, they’re soulless lemmings.

Writers, artists, creed, gender, sexual orientation, race religion, political humans, those categories, thus people hurting those categories, solace writing, art.

LOPÉ My husband man, who admittedly, man who worked his whole auto factory. His father, his brothers, Jesus’s DENIS JOHNSON. I, him, he, opioid addict, able something, recognize himself.

I argue linguistics. He minority needs auto factory worker, opioid addict, who struggled with addiction industry, addiction proliferates. He, himself, he’s alone, he.

PULE Your husband member, hated AMERICAn group, white class, worse he’s man. Men, husband, his father, brothers, built massive swaths, identity schema. They register, unless them overdose statistics, certain groups allowed, labeled, marginalized minorities, identity, politics, failure. We feel marginalized, certain points.

Marginalization people, who push divisive ideology Asians. Asians, considered minorities. They’re exclusive schools, elite universities, due their intellectual capabilities. They’ve lost minority status. Harvard actively reducing admissions, Asian students. They’re taking Asians earning those rich woke parents’ kids, losing something. They cooked cockamamie personality score. Asians out academic credentials alone, they dominate everyone.

Hispanics account their rightward shift, losing minority status. They’re afflicted, whiteness according experts. Whatever hell groups, identities suffered systemic injustices. Minority marginalized power, hungry ideologues, unity, everything division, bullshit, grift.

How CARVER JOHNSON, you think they their editor. JACK LONDON, who allegedly inspired CARVER’s ALEXI, his death. May suicide morphine something unaware. Relatable topics, addiction, suicide. CARVER JOHNSON addicts their addictions, yes. Them, my opinion, write them MASCULINE, male, white, whatever.

CARVER JOHNSON treated LITERARY Jesus. Basically handbook writing, Jesus’ ape. JOHNSON’s style, JOHNSON hasn’t banished CARVER. CARVER dreaded drunken white man class, those types problematic. JOHNSON seems woke, he died teacher. I guess reckoning JOHNSON, he’s MASCULINE, white. There’s escape woke commissars. JOHNSON won’t cancelled disappeared JOHN UPDIKE. Exactly people, stop teaching Jesus. DENIS JOHNSON, disappear. Same goes BARRY HANNAH RICHARD FORD LARRY BROWN. Guys who crowd unfortunate, these guys, they hyper MASCULINE, root despair. CARVER, his little coldcocks me. He sad old boy go.

LOPÉ MASCULINE writing again, whatever I think, little chick lit. His United States butchering pig, his youth recalling drunken horse streets.

PULE I should’ve gotten horse. I should’ve gotten raft. I should’ve. I. Me. Me. I. I.

I wrote writing, altogether pivoted, cultural criticism, punditry, relevant freedom. I, token boy, woke white editors, those practice LITERARY tokenism. Political correctness virtue signaling. They publish black writers, Hispanic, whoever counts victimized. POC these man hating feminists.

If you’re POC submit old POC narrative, framing victimization. AMERICA whiteness predictable, tropes dominate, LITERARY write framing. You’re performing token boy, hence you’ve written token boy, trick token boy. Situating brown victims, providing woke white editors palatably edgy scenes. Problematic, they feel they’re POC slip word character, cross border, dodge border patrol AGENT. Woke whites salivate LITERARY scene. PPOC allowed victims, savage, pure brown person, victimized evil white system.

If POC writer publish, they master token boy formula writing, calibrating. Calibrate ingredients, play woke, white editor titillated, brown suffering. I, freedom token boy, I wrote everything. I’ve written, definitely perfect example, pandering required. I tired calibrating. I write my POC aren’t victims, savage. I write token boy anymore. I entire them, I entire, I fucked up Miami.

I sense we told serious, almost serious history, saved us sane. Provided needed relief hasn’t writing anywhere currently. Any thinking NICK HORNBY HUNTER THOMPSON.

Writers well mannered, politically correct, unhinged court unhingedness. Impossibility writer seeking ingratiate, himself woke gatekeepers. Writer points passed, disseminated online. Eventually taking points proper, internalized, resulting perfectly honed, built sensitivity reader. They either current anti humor. highly aware, actively transgressing against humorists. Black Twitter Youtube comments, spaces, woke eye. Trump’s Twitter hilarious, its banning, loss. Problematic, their funny drops precipitously. Who loves old, zany, unhinged writing? I hate wokeness killed comedy, mainstream AMERICAn attraction.

LOPÉ Side writer JOE ROGAN, promote HUNTER S THOMPSON. He seemed apologetic, written almost fuck. I, MASCULINE, white writers, canned. Geez, I’m sorry. I thought, wow, dude fucking publish, you’re ashamedwriter. I think, he, I think he pressured peers, feel he, feel, have pressure.

PULE Guy writes heterosexual male, feels pressure, his manhood. MASCULINE writing, mentioned handful times. MASCULINE writing equals writing heterosexual male concerns, non feminist. Mean MASCULINE writer, feminist write feminism, whatever. He, feminist ally, main concern male writers. Writer mentioned, apologized, man worried, feminists think him. he’s MASCULINE writer. He’ll write male condition, he worst creatures, mushy male feminist.

Flipside hatred, traditional masculinity, because is hatred pandering? Feminists atmosphere produces these miserable men who, hating women writing, corrosive, boring. These guys grow their misogyny culture, pathologize traditional masculinity. Calls toxic men monsters. Society says they are mushy, self loathing male feminists, bitter olds who hate women. I either, those styles MASCULINE writing, people assume I MASCULINE writing. I mean, misogynistic rantings, part problem talk, condition men, trap people, frame woman hater.

Truth men, women, very building society almost exclusively women. Women, graduating college far greater numbers, men. Men suffering addiction, committing suicide, higher rates. Hard man, we write honestly labeled toxically MASCULINE. We were, I’m convinced we’d pussified male feminists, actual misogynists.

Strictly related, I intention critic, involved stupid culture war tweeting. Feel LITERARY world writer, me writing MASCULINE urban dudes. Miami, fucking AGENT, whole deal.

Elite LITERARY world me, I submission age growing. Miami populated urban men, written style token boy. My AGENT LADY out, she period wokeness, totally bit, nebulous. Editors, all white women.

Responses mentioning their editors them. I’m POC. They, my depiction, Miami their discomfort. I’m book’s urban male. These white LADIES, who uneducated brown people, their distress my savages, straight savages.

AGENT querying old fashioned. I, handful top AGENTs, IOWA credential, useful AGENT. She fucked up Miami anymore. I. My turn.

LOPÉ You continue, certain obvious LITERARY writers, left marked opinions. Obvious, they weren't I, fuck writing, cultural, political. So path reroute, steps taken. Writing, cultural, political.

PULE Writing messed my AGENT, write deem me problematic. I afraid losing representation. I beholden false accomplishment, AGENTed. I writers wrong, AGENT importance represented. Huge mistake, AGENT. You,I suspect writers feel they should’ve dropped their AGENT. You drop AGENT professional, burn bridges, drop AGENT.

Wokeness abate writing. I write them hidden. I shit worse. I PUSSY my left, everything AMERICA. I afraid mediocre people. I deeply ashamed, should’ve kicked my ass, who think writing losers. Should’ve kicked my ass, stop PUSSY. Those writers who ashamed themselves, hiding pandering decimated spiritless mediocrities. I stop PUSSY. I’ve permission, man, woman up

PUSSY hurricane, category monster, storm destroy Miami impact. I Starbucks buddy we. I’m write whatever fuck I fear. Storm coincided peak my shame. I anymore ended missing Miami, something changed. I dropped AGENT writing political cultural. I writing, I secretly, my cultural commentary. PHILIP ROTH AMERICAn manhood appeared. I’ve paid.

I’m almost writers. I’m understand trepidation. Hard think writer identity. I identify writer, who’s paid thousands. Writers thinking direction, stomach try.

LOPÉ You, I, almost writing, happening, fringes, mean feel. IOWA, anyone seem, feel professors seem, feel LITERARY world.

PULE I think institutionally elite places, you’ll writers who societal fringes. Whose worldview fringe these people, who crafty hack system. These people writers, I, rich whites, hack system they system. I’m class schemers who picked institutional lock weasel. These people may overtly their scheming. They almost happen, kindred IOWA everywhere. Professors IOWA, who fringes they’d top, LITERARY world, they forever fringe.

So, urban dudes, Miami subtropics, writer disconnection isolation, AMERICAn me.

Most my writing isolated men. Miami isolated due their AMERICAn. They brew rage. Malaise festers men. Their endless rage malaise. I, my hard, I’ll write again. It’ll male Miami.

LOPÉ **Subtropics, you BASEBALL, BASEBALL path, writer?

Why suppose writers sports them contempt, those who sports?

I parallels between sports, between athlete, artist, I wrong.**

PULE Like BASEBALL game, me, my writers sports. There’s almost animosity between jocks, nerds. Nerds, they won’t admit jealous. Jocks, they’re jealous. They performing level extremely. We live culture values, weakness, frailty. Who strong, repulse meek. I’m writers bodybuilders. Here’s my favorite quotes, weak man, same man, he strong offensive. People who intellectual instructive, these people, their squat goes up.

I’ve written feels, performing impossible feat, elite level BASEBALL, greatness hitting homerun, rounding bases, perfection.

Parallels between artist, athlete fail sports writer. You’re star loser confront men. You, these men, they’re teammates. I, me, I doubt, I hadn’t BASEBALL, I would’ve quit writing.

LOPÉ Why does LITERARY world feel bland, unexciting? I mainstream LITERARY world. Writers LITERARY world. I pick writers I feel. I pick writers feel new. I, writers, equivalent deals, publishers. I, crazy shit, shit, he, she, they.

PULE LITERARY world, bland ideological uniformity scene. I’ve writers seemingly aligned progressive orthodoxy, wokeness. I seemingly writers, me private, who bought afraid, writers who woke others, pretending woke, fear result scene, totally flattened. Weird writers, operatives, democratic party. They secretary JOE BIDEN. They writers wear PUSSY hats, pray RGB idolize, LITTLE DOCTOR FAUCI. I’m writers rightwing, strange writers, democrats.

Restrictive culture demands ideological uniformity. Scene writers trade relevance, ambition, LITERARY. You’re little woke writer, who dons PUSSY hats, won’t part. LITERARY lose flash, hating AMERICA, PUSSY wearers. Writers zero readership, micromanage their tweeting.

Democratic party points, correct politicians hating designated bad people. These unknown writers, they reads them mainstream. LITERARY world operates, does scene. Everyone little striver, striving scraps.

Crazy shit, we writers self conscious, self censorious people. They man sad. Yes, LITERARY world, me, I’ve LITERARY world feels.

LOPÉ **Think ELON’s twitter.

This couple I saw, me scum tweet. They reported harassment, I understand their intent, my friend’s. I’m appreciative, I told them. I report me, I speech me, whatever. They apparently balls me, they scum.

But is I who calls me person, who me, with their me scum, 1%. So, I, they, Twitter jail, ELON influence.**

PULE ELON Twitter changes speech twitter

My ELON twitter happening. ELON bad, little liberals. ELON bad, predictability. Crazy liberals, against speech. Democrats party, worshipping authority. Me, I’m speech. Absolutist speech. I’m AMERICAn AMERICA, THIS AMERICA.



Erwin Dink

Erwin Dink is a poet, visual artist, invocateur, accidental yogi, and a dilettante. He dabbles in patamysticism which is the spiritual branch of pataphysics. Erwin recommends MenHealing.


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