"Tinfoil Tuesday" and "political climate"

Tinfoil Tuesday

he spoke and all the intelligence in the room
was sucked away in a cognitive vacuum
then he puked out “truths” manufactured
in Tennessee sweatshops
by homeschooled children
their blood pumping differently through
veins and arteries clogged by religion
inventing stories of the people they
never were
which no one else ever heard
like the uncounted Ophelias
dying each and every day
of the tortured tormented logic
pandemic on YouTube
telling sham sugar stories
confectionery sweet
eating all the colors of the rainbow
that we cannot see
while the chemicals in his brain
twist and turn to think they
are a soul
projected onto a movie screen
in an empty theater
panned by critics educated
on a diet of meteorological sharks
yet it will be shown commercial free
on his favorite streaming service
for his fellow travelers to see



political climate

watching over time the change of climate
making mock of a years-ago average
of all your memories of the weather
but how we look upon this weather
and fail to see a broken climate
pulling away at the Overton average
redefining how they take an average
to pretend that today’s weather
doesn’t depend upon the climate
while the political climate
            of the average changes like the weather         



Mark A. Fisher is a writer, poet, and playwright living in Tehachapi, California.  His poetry has appeared in: Reliquiae, Silver Blade,  Eccentric Orbits,  and many other places. His first chapbook, drifter, is available from Amazon. His poem “there are fossils” (originally published in Silver Blade) came in second in the 2020 Dwarf Stars Speculative Poetry Competition. His plays have appeared on California stages in Pine Mountain Club, Tehachapi, Bakersfield, and Hayward. He has also won cooking ribbons at the Kern County Fair.  Mark recommends The Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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