"Team Worked," "The Man in Charge," and "Temptation Deadbeats"

Team Worked

slim custodian panthers
hector the tentacle partnership
     from slow
                    to linear
         when a thanks rotisserie
         embeds straight shaking
         of the mariposa wrangle
the grim uranium threesome’s grit 
               quark snitches
                         in the soundtrack
                          a chained raincoat
                                                          in his make
sunbeam cartographers 
slog through
                    buff legislation broadcasters
                                the direct 
     normally                                     substituted
     hoisting                                      environments
                           to their poisoner
          the pork guard 
          ever the rupture mischief
          filtered the disease
markings fingered
sequential flay lathered
          to greenback painter
                  bottled finances nonstop
                   left their dreadful interjection
                             the lacquer handbill
                                        pinched a boundary 
a recourse                                                               running
to pod contribution                   tonnage                  dustcart
uses binary                             maximum                renewed
        motorway                                                fiery                                 
             roars                                          in                  faded
                   sulfur            toward                tenements      
          the shipped drift
          voyagers in vent structure
                  disposals upend
                  the meandering catalyst maps
                            vacant travels
                            to the forward tentacle 
                                    at the hector 



The Man in Charge

the demeanor
of a swollen dignity grater
                its velcro epithet
     bowed            strut
       legs              past
lines casting them a meaner present
     swollen with sir names
     stolen from the cheese 
     block scraping menace
          dead tomato parmesan 
                    its funeral for dessert
springs to life
as winter’s goldwave
                  rakes off the prophets
    cash first
           and                  only
                borrowed wisdom pertains
       to the heart-shredding rite
               on the night of the holy sun
                       death by unclocked solstice
seasons of darkness
borrowed forever on 
credit taken not paid
         the Aztec altar stained
         with a glut of the given
to prevent further disaster
from ever faster naming of victims 
           all taken
                          in stride
        and strut



Temptation Deadbeats

at the last cultural hollow
the divorce of collision motive
from a left-wing counter vaunt 
handed the ambiguity gone
to rupture fairway cactus
as glazed flamenco demons
toned their occlusion constables 
a brickading clockwork grenade
lost its wherever massage
while its password vitamin
delayed monument yearnings
the faded eyeballs encased
their phone-in simulacrum
fedora plumage toned to low
under their nominal radish
elision missing two handbags 
three dots and one pastel snapper
a dingo tempest plated to track 
their ebony figments required 
stoking before thorough bromide;
subterranean maladjustment
meant a lowered curve runner
speedboat pillage distension
certified thumbtack renunciations
react to the posh cowl peepshow



Vernon Frazer’s latest poetry collection is Memo from Alamut. He recommends the Poetry Project at St. Mark's.


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