I switched from the tablet
to my iPhone.
I waved at a friend
I’d just added.
He is sitting on a race-car,
in a royal blue suit.
I’m sending virtual kisses
while rearranging
my wardrobe,
a shift from winter to spring.
My present is so fast now
yet it’s constant and timeless.
I’m looking into the mirror,
putting make-up
on my distorted self,
and I’m not answering the phone,
because my body is a plane,
it may be in spin now,
and my soul is spinning
as it is ploughing its thunderous roads.
I’m losing myself in reality now.
Next to me, blonde boys,
almost looking the same.
Greased hair, old imitations.
They are talking about fashion
with freakish fake girls
with black hair.
Some girls get on,
waddling, with holes in their
fishnet stockings.
Scary tattoos on their white skin.
All together, chatting
loudly, terrible.
They kiss the blonde,
shaved or almost shaved
Dean imitators, who
are following them with
a weary, hungover gaze.
They get off.
The party is over.
They leave their scent behind
and some shiny magazines
on the seats.
No problem, maybe
someone will take them
at the terminus
to use them as blankets
in a dark corner
of a subway station
covering twisted,
distinctive smells.



Zsuzsanna Peremartoni

Zsuzsanna Peremartoni currently lives in Budapest. She wrote her first poems at the age of 16. At the age of 23 she lived and worked in Germany as a ceramic assistant. Exhibited in Helsinki, Vienna. Her first volume was published in 2016, followed by four more volumes of poetry. In 2018, she was the producer of a jazz poetry CD release. She has been listed in USA, as a next-generation beat poet since September 2020.

Her own CD was released in February 2021 in memory of Australian poetess Judith Wright. Poems with a didgeridoo accompaniment.

She also had two photo exhibitions in 2020 and 2021 in Budapest.


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