"Power cord." and "Sitting by the Rivers of Babylon"

Power cord. Choose your super-power the girl says. Who knew that being invisible meant giving away the chance to speak from the podium? Would flight mean you could never lean back in a chair again? Every child learns not to wish for a gold touch.



Sitting by the Rivers of Babylon     

             Just like a cat you say
as the calico crashes into sleep
after chittering at the window
while the sparrows survive again
            I’m getting kind of surrealist
you said quoting from the psalm
            After the weeping comes the murders
            of the infants and then comes the weeping

            You’re a paranoid from Sigmund Freud
My mother would have said
This old cat who had such potential as a predator
now snores the overwrought dreams of old age
while on the screen live action bombing
alternates with cats in boxes and cures for all
All so far away from this window that opens
to absent rain, dry winds



Carol Dorf

Carol Dorf is a Zoeglossia fellow. Her writing has been published in three chapbooks, and in journals that include Great Weather for Media, The Mom Egg, Aybss and Apex, About Place, Slipstream, The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, Scientific American, and Maintenant. She is the founding poetry editor of Talking Writing, and teaches math in Berkeley, California. Carol recommends Fair Fight.


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