"Policed Navidad," "Other Than," and "Three Sounds to Noise"

Policed Navidad

a phylum enchilada
portable as a decibel numeric
     recurrent phobia ladder
     clawed envy registers the first time
         no bone left
         to gnaw or resist
the hefty clatter its volume
chews padding into noise pits
     the bitten avocado
     against the pierced
     audiophile’s rhetoric
               displaced orchestral
taxonomic envy breeds
more amniotic competitors
     an early start  
     on the count
            dermal charge coming
a minced blessing
include entourage
         burrito register
         lowers its octave hatch
         a cadaver bargain
                   for the pinata breaking
                        the crack
                        an audilbe upward count
                                        the pitch
                                        a tuning fork
               would mutter
                     crushed meat
                                   off the scale
                          no presence left attuned to play



Other Than

casually armed
moochers crossed mariposa ghosts
an assassin family
          intrepid If aching
          scuttle across a dry desert
     where a stunt bus
     scripted its emotional detractor
               glad to be foreskin
                                easing pulleys
                            (   )
     just shakes wherever
     jackal workings edify
     its filter runs handed
                lightweight workdays
                resuscitator will vary
                empty coping amply
                          while dockyard envoys recede
                            (   )
                                cadge a drinking mirage
                     delivering return catalogue
        to a lightweight debutante
                          the low valance of snatching
                                      resuscitator purr
                                               more other than
                            (   )
a fresher turban
      learns other
          although air droop turns
          radicals handed to the patriarch
          a sorry ramp glaze
                          inquisitor choirmasters
                          worked the undercarriage



Three Sounds to Noise


hospital fingers
a latent horizon in gloves
mask the scan
cast the sound, no ear
     the music
     a sound machine
                   in tune
               no motor lesson
               thumbs can listen to
                            (   )
     as embedded or matching
     the leveled consequences
to the naked touch
               a lingering hostility
               felt their screening
               fingering to leather
                               a scratching tone
                            (   )
the bite uncertain
as the poking finger tipped
          the certain
                      tea host
a spike in the cup accrued
     glass pitch crashing
     through soft ballads
                   the night foregone for



Vernon Frazer’s latest poetry collection is Memo from Alamut. He recommends the Poetry Project at St. Mark's.


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