"Parting" and "Corrective"


On the iceblink
is a happy hue:
in concert with my chorus.
There is no bother of bliss.
Memory is what we make of it.
I’ve packed the grisly parts
in cartons.
They lie in the parking lot
with copies
of my published material.




Pain anointed
its impression sooner
than I could synthesize
its import.
As age embraced me
I learned to paw
my way to lair
of liminal space.
Not far from
the lollipop man
of childhood.
Lor, making oneself scarce
is an infelicitous thought.
The finer course
is to accept pain.
Welcoming it:
the antidote.



Sanjeev Sethi

Sanjeev Sethi is published in over 25 countries. He has more than 1200 poems printed or posted in venues around the world. Wrappings in Bespoke, is Winner of Full Fat Collection Competition-Deux organized by the Hedgehog Poetry Press UK. Its his fourth book. It will be issued in 2020. He lives in Mumbai, India.


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