"Nickel-and-Diming the Paradigm," "Paying Forward on Credit," and "Seekers Up Against Finding"

Nickel-and-Diming the Paradigm

shaded partnership
for a blender feast soaring
     analgesic drift
     posing flagrant transit slog
            prepositional volcano
            talons through cooler fibers
                        will ravage 
              the pleasured custodian
              ghosting empty lieutenants
                       in dangles
                       not raised 
                            to gout simulacrum
           buyer                   as encroachment portfolio 
        contusion                and diction circumference 
         claiming                 suede their silence docket
                bookmarks wherever stagnant
                     threaten apoplectic grappling
                          through ravenous occlusions
                               turning condiment saturation
          to soot 
          the beveled radish threader
          in lingo 
                      near readerships
                               below the lecturing
                               taunts aching amenities
cultural plague
stolen playboys posing 
their bearded 
                                     cartons blown
                                     fin cradles shored
                                     rarity vacant
                          linger like a campground eternity
          frailty luggage burst
          new disjunction
                      a decade among 
                      admonished remedial tomcats
                                     to shore a failed matriarchy
                                                  against a nominal placenta 



Paying Forward on Credit

dominion hurlers
arch their shaking asphalt
               derelict dismay
     its patent smear
                   an aching placebo
before the crust shift
shook the lantern patterns loose
from shadow shaping
     swollen clusters
     black and blended over concrete
               a slow play
               flickers        a hand out
clutching a curve
of concrete fragment
            past the palm
                      dripping red wake
           a future 
                          to follow
                the shadows ahead of itself



Seekers Up Against Finding

slipping the shroud
for a heifer’s vessel
no firework venture
                 the firmament percolator
           burst a decade
                 under a forage boardwalk
                      hood dry forehead
                      rummaging plague
                      clawing across will 
                               prepositional ingredient
                   bent mercy beveled
                   envelopes          spur drifts
                                       scapula bashes  
a statuette 
in slowly bleached
               milkmen a memento
               hulk grow enormous
               bushel prepositional
                     to a vessel 
                     more than ergonomic
eyebrows toward            the grammar violinist
          conversational plectrum preserved
the cornet heath 
pulled on its invective
in jumpsuits 
                     a cadre aspirates 
                his verve in fail gabardine
when the eyewash neon
learned repentance in foreground packeting
         the eyebrows
        ration a nominal will ingredient
                  across weary
grocer loaves
                            to the salvation lender



Vernon Frazer’s latest poetry collection is Memo from Alamut. He recommends the Poetry Project at St. Mark's.


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