Mouth Pieces 26-30

Mouth enters  --  well, hops, really  --
into the academy.
Long, lonely  --  well, empty,
really  --  corridors.  Silence in
those hallways.  Two ears hear
another silence:  of ones who
don’t wish to be found, to be
found out.
                         The great hall is ornate,
unpeopled, terribly hushed. 
Hand holds an unshelved  book that
won’t open.  One after
another, books that won’t open.



Empty field. 
                          Mouth requests that
hand and leg haul, set up, and
scatter gigantic archery
                   Quiver, arrows,
                Even with Mouth’s
instructions, mysterious
lispings, hand and leg have a
hard time:  shafts stuck all over
the place, even occasionally
in targets.  At the end:
                                                 Just leave
those bulls’ eyes.  At least, then, others
will know what I was aiming at.



Mouth visits a special zoo and
loves everything, especially
the signs.
                       “I know that this is
a lion.”  “I know that
this is a seal.”
and laugh Mouth does.



“Were here:  Mouth, mind, ears, eyes, leg,
and hand,” hand scrawls in sand.
The beach is lovely, dunes and waves
running in opposite
                        Shouldn’t that be
“Are here?”
The vanishings arrive later.



Joel Chace

Joel Chace has published work in print and electronic magazines such as, Tip of the Knife, Eratio, OtolithsWord For/Word, and Golden Handcuffs Review.  Most recent collections include Humors, from Paloma Press, Threnodies, from Moria Books, and fata morgana, from Unlikely Books.  Joel recommends supporting locofo chapbooks.


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