Minister of World Affairs

She was Ambition’s child

Bold and beautiful

Born of worldly desires

And a lust for life

In its many dimensions

Glorious and inglorious, both

All a matter of perception

Of those she cared little about

In her journey from obscurity

From a hamlet, quaint and alluring to many

Along her chosen track

Marred by rough weather and time

To the Summit of stupendous success

In worldly affairs

That she did deftly handle

And with distinction

To the chagrin

Of those she left behind

To sigh and lament

The changing times,

Seeking comfort and assurance

In that they belonged to another world

The kind she had never seen,

In which she, Ambition’s child and her likes

Those who had distinguished themselves in worldly affairs

Did not matter, they simply did not exist.



Kadambari Kaul

Kadambari Kaul is a poet and author of three books on Indian philosophy, namely Brihadaaranyaka, the Great Upanishad - Understanding Brahman and the Ultimate Reality, Verses from the Dhammapada and Gautama Buddha - A Noble Life.

Her aforementioned books have received positive reviews in the National Press and have been well distributed in libraries in India and abroad. 

However, writing poetry is an integral part of Kadambari's spiritual journey. Her poems have been featured in various Anthologies notably in Where Flowers Bloom': Poems and Essays of Hope, Strength and Resilience published by Red Penguin Books, New York and in Cognitive Slides published by International Society for Intercultural Studies and Research. Kadambari recommends Conc ' rn: Care of Needy Children Rightfully Nurtured.


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