Krachan wake up read a nice Joyce. KRAKEN Wake up. rejoice. Keret KENWAKEUPREADGOYCE.
At this point in the convo finnigan aka FINNEGOOM went back to sleep. Slooming into the sweet gloomish oobloovioom.

LOOM: UHMW from middle English loom old English lumagui loomba tool utensile implement from middle English lumina Article of furniture household affect also known as at luma at lamah cancel instrument implement Tool veselov incertain origin cognat with middle English autoneum alarm perhaps meaning A single thing of frequent use In which case it came to old English guillermina off and frequently continually repeatedly From Prodaja manikgarh protogen maneklal domez love majom lemara petatlan From potosa jamak God protoje Monica llamas Number jars Name a halt From proto indo-etymological European known to burkhoff less often than one might expect. compare old high German gillois ball Killum more coolly noted often frequently Old Alien English llama lame see lame mollusk Paraya. We want to cuddle that old familiar thing with its lustrous patina, but it is too big and angular!

Haha loom wofa From unexpectedly affirmative middle English loom old English waghi l'ombre 2 utensile implement from middle English lumina article of furniture Household effect affect also known as at luma outlet mall. cancel instrument implement tool vessel of uncertain origin Cognat with middle English autoneum alarm alarm help perhaps meeting a single thing of frequent use. Which case it comes old English guiller remain now off and frequently continually repeatedly. from prajadhipok daja manakara protogen medical olodo maslov majome lemora pentathlon. from potosa jhamak God protegee Monica llamas Number jars never hold. from proto indo your pen don't berkoff Don't birkhoff please less often anyway than was previously believed. compare old high German gilraen bout to kill him more frequently but less often old English llama llama lame selama Lama periah.
Giluomo Giluomo lend me your heart… cognac with middle ear sensitivities, frequency unstrung and thrumming
Breaking, softening, what about love in the loom? Utility is the rhythm, futility the arc, sensibility the thwack.

Geloma Geloma give me your firstborn, a thing of intricate nerve and synapse, are you ready?
Lomijaz, Lomijaz, give me your crutch before I swipe it out from under you, eroding it over millenia until you collapse against the screen you’re projected upon.

God protegee Monica llames number George never holds. From proto indo pan don't birkhoff please Set theory dissolves this way anyway even in old high chair German do you understand me now about to kill him more frequently there are too many llamas in this discussion for me to continue misunderstood.

or alme Roy again open space . A room is a discussion; a moor is an inverted circumference. This room is a discussion of a room It's an idea get it this room is the last one to go. there are no more rooms available There are no more rooms available in the end Jesus Christ Go outside And somewhere then Find a place Armadillos understand this..  Moor me to the carapace forthwith.

Rumor armaroid get open space, fleeming to the rood.

Get it, quick, the last one to go into the rheumy moor. A round space, empty inside and out, just an idea.

Unfathomable expanse, a range of impossibilities, my halt, my lame, my fever, my crutch, my sorrow, unfurling through an infinity of depth

reue1: open space.

dromeda has support, a set of one, an anomalous crutch, elaborate as a stalagmite, rising from the bottom of space.

Dundrum aid has support. Dundrum it has support. Denver made has support. dum dum dromeda has support.  Doom to the frail! Doom to the elaborated lace of the made. Fix’t and dyed with flagrant mordants, no escape from the mark of the maker. The elaborate ruse of the middle, excluded.

dhe: set, put

the headset put Ruwais wanna open sump space there Hey separate. Wanna openspace her there Separated ramadhar dromedary have support in spoomy spume. Wanna fixity monger in the flesh of decayed barrels-full, slick like mackerel, rotten moonlight come over hey hey shotput in the mouth
wants to know what the period is when you're considering the security of the national agency period of the united states where there might be a period or something that would be pure gruta mology and annas pineapply morpheme in ation between consenting adults. it's urgent.

grundorf 15 90s Originally Scottish esolen look probably from glun verb. looks solonor perhaps from Hey No recorded old English very Or from a Scandinavian source compier No wajin dialectical glue the 2 stairs umberleigh. A displeased late 14 century gloom and Of unknown origin.  Norwegian dialectical glue the 2 stairs sombrely. Losing. Sombrely losing her gaze her galaxies from his her gazelles from their moorings in the gloaming, Or from middle ogerman glun tourbe in Dutch cool off and 2 layer. not considered to be related to old English gloom Twilight see glooming. A sense of darkness ubcd curiti first recorded In Milton poems 169 J Twilight see glooming related to old English blue period. That of melon colored ejection Cloudiness cheeriness or cheerless a heaviness of mine from 17:44 Burgl email with the corresponding sense is it tested From the 15 80s. Too turbulence gives a shot, an overfull charisma of yodeling. Yodeling into the echoing distance unseen, with a melancholy.

Lun granddaughter 1590 's original is Scottish ysaline look probably from glenvar looks so Lun or perhaps from hang out with corded aldinga is very or from scandal source kumpir No watching the electrical glue the 2 stairs umberleigh. a displaced late 14 century glumov unknown origin. In which and dialectic aggelou the 2 stairs sombrely or From middle English ogerman glunt roorback in Dutch cool off and 2 layer not considered to be related to old English gloom Twilight see glooming. a sense of darkness up kadic oreti recorded in Milton poems 16169 J Twilight see glooming Related to old English blue period. that have melon colored ejection toomer How did this cheeriness or chirouze all the heaviness of mine from 17:44 o'clock burgle email with the swollen corresponding sense is it tested. from the 1580 S. Everything is probably from everything, everything as unknown as unknowing. A bright cloud in the gloom of middle English.

1590s, originally Scottish, "a sullen look," probably from gloom (v.) "look sullen or displeased" (late 14c., gloumen), of unknown origin; perhaps from an unrecorded Old English verb or from a Scandinavian source (compare Norwegian dialectal glome "to stare somberly"), or from Middle Low German glum "turbid," Dutch gluren "to leer." Not considered to be related to Old English glom "twilight" (see gloaming).
Sense of "darkness, obscurity" is first recorded 1629 in Milton's poetry; that of "melancholy, dejection, cloudiness or cheerless heaviness of mind" is from 1744; but gloomy with a corresponding sense is attested from 1580s.

chomba TOI a 2 to swear Dascha swelling in the earth Greek tombus paragraph tuber.
This line is the River runs through the center of Troy. This line is the River run through the center of Troy. This line is the River run through the center of troys. At this point in the conversation finnigan woke up. A thug, a goon, a gangly mass of vibrational sensation.

Trumble toy of 2 to swear dousha swelling in the earth Greg Thomas paragraph.

teue2: to swell –a swelling in the earth, greek tumbos, barrow, grave.

oh ombre woman jump to Adam ology From middle English woomble womba from old English womr wanb. belly stomach bowels heart. Hardbroom about hollow from Protogeometric wombo belly stomach up the man Optiman from pro to Indy or pantua Wamp wamp Warm Wampa membrane of bowels intestines room. Shoop shoop alley-oop

Mumo women jump to Adam ology from middle English wombo lombo from old English warmer Warner gullet-belly stomach growls hard Hardbroom about hollow from protogeometric wambo belly stomach up the man optiman from prodotto India or pantua wamp wamp warm wumpa membrane Ubos intestines room. A miniature loom in the universal womb

Jump to Etymology - From Middle English wombe, wambe, from Old English womb, wamb (“belly, stomach; bowels; heart; womb; hollow”), like my old flambe from Proto-Germanic *wambō (“belly, stomach, abdomen”), from Proto-Indo-European *wamp- (“membrane (of bowels), intestines, womb”). that gave us wormwood womp womp

Jumpjam ology jump teletama legitime tell about it she jumped his middle English wumba from old English will Hard woman spuming fuming hello from a gentleman from put it in my neck like heck wohnbau buy something G** **** it from put it into your cravat pin womp womp womp womp womp I remembered about testin

From Middle English lome, from Old English lōma, ġelōma (“tool, utensil, implement, article of furniture, household effect”) (also as andlōma, andġelōma, andlāma (“utensil, instrument, implement, tool, vessel”), of uncertain origin. Cognate with Middle Dutch allame (“tool”). Perhaps originally meaning "a thing of frequent use", in which case, akin to Old English ġelōme (often, frequently, continually, repeatedly), from Proto-Germanic *ga- + Proto-Germanic *lōmiz, *lōmijaz (“lame, halt”), from Proto-Indo-European *lem- (to break, soften). Compare Old High German giluomo, kilōmo (“often, frequently”), Old English lama (“lame”). See lame.

What is the legendary cifala podlike see monster giant size scented roll off the costs of Norway in the green line from the Hills to D. is the Kraken. It's the Kraken. the legendary cephalo pod likes felonius monster over johnson's dad's doing well hang up welling off the cost of Norway in Greenland. Bye bye Mr. J.

At this point in the convo finnigan went back to sleep



Alan Sondheim

Alan Sondheim is a new media artist, musician, writer, and performer concerned with issues of virtuality, and the stake that the real worldhas in the virtual.  His virtual work is known for its highly complex and mobile architectures.  He is one of the originators of "codework." He has used altered motion-capture technology extensively for examining and creating new lexicons of behavior. His work deals with crisis and inadequacy. His texts, music, and images are at http://www.alansondheim.org and his Youtube videos are at https://www.youtube.com/user/asondheim/videos

Maria Damon teaches poetry and poetics at Pratt Institute of Art. She has written scholarly books about modern "American" poetry and collaborative poetry books with Adeena Karasick, Alan Sondheim, mIEKAL aND, and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, and has published two chapbooks of x-stitch visual poetry.


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