"Impersonating the Jumpsuit Elvis," "Playing Connected," and "Language Calling"

Impersonating the Jumpsuit Elvis

this rondo rocker
sent hollow vows
          one subversive and grim
its motoring patois
flames noumenal irritation
          cactus photocopies
          postponing the grit predicate
      the memorandum will roll
      sonically rude 
                                         the uplift
            from testicle irritation
            encouraged studio heads
                  a noumena caliper
                  choke-forking sideburns
                  confusion past
      the voice-over zoom
                  dynasty milepost:
                                a bobblehead



Playing Connected

iodine sherbet
catheters turn snake
in the floor 
          for toxic willow pageants   
          cascade merchants align
               cranking out
               their crude ultimatum
     packets to launch
     the proverbial as a je ne sais quo
no empty threat
though drained 
                          before hands clank
                          their scrotal buzzer
               tanking a conniption fit
               medium large or pick an X
              a carefree wallow
     muffles their insurgent pipeline banter



Language Calling

regal mobilities
surround their implosions
embed plagiarism
to quell the infused admixture
     however long
                            the grappling
          explication embodies
               interjection marches
                    a foil reporter relayed
               slipping readerships
               ritual ventriloquist surrender
                            the drama tippler
             profiting mends filtered vertigo
                            the frailty
                            a clear lacuna
                                        ergonomic recourse
speeds dulcimer playboys
          past the stagnant epaulet 
          to bother strewn bandanas 
                                          milking salvation
                               pleasured for the holiday makers
        future lapses lit
        critical memorials 
        where seat vests
         all bandanas sparking
                  the quibble baste
                  honed in fungal cleric dials
         bonnet catacombs faulted
         sequential stairwell amenities
                          ventricle tenants    
             themselves shadowed chants
                  however pictorial
                  the prepositional volcanos
                  lecturing human hormone 
                                            to a pitfall



Vernon Frazer’s latest poetry collection is Memo from Alamut. He recommends the Poetry Project at St. Mark's.


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