i’ze gots the post-bastille part-um blooze, 2019

i’ze gots the post-bastille part-

um blooze, 2019


15 july, a-


monday mon-

day, playing with a voix-

track sung in canton-

ese, or is it cali-

fornia dream-

ing?  & wholly


holy bird shit

on a sol-

ar panel, we miss-

ed bastil-

le day again, a-


oh well, we’ll al-

ways have raff-

les, we’ll al-


ways have lotto tick-

ets, we’ll always


have that col-

lection of

singapore post-

age stamps we found

on the corn-

er when the fuck-

in’ fascist cops

chased those kids

from that burnt-out apt.


bldg. squat on 3rd. & tayl-  

or (w/its basement lead-

ing to the legendary shang-

hai tunnels) & tchuck-

ed everyth-

ing from a

4th. fl., all-







we’ll always




we’ll al-

ways have the serv-

ant’s door




R.V.  Branham has two fiction collections, Chango Chingamadre & Other Moral Fictions, & A New Order of the Phylum (Seventh Station Books); he’s also the author/compiler of Curse+Berate in 69+ Languages (Soft Skull Press, 2nd printing). A writer & translator, for twenty years R.V.’s  been publishing editor of the completely multlingual en-face Gobshite Quarterly (in double issue flip-book format) and publisher of GobQ/Reprobate Books. His fiction, essays & poems have been in publications & anthologies including Red Lemonade’s Hybrid Beasts e-book, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Mag., Isaac Asimov’s SF Mag., 2 gyrls quarterly, In Other Words, Mérida, Unlikely Stories & The Writing Disorder.


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