If the shower will make the roses bloom, 

O, why lament its fall?’

Charlotte Bronte


In the chaos ensuing all around,

These lines of Bronte

Bring a little 



Indeed, if the darkness makes us see light,

Shouldn't we bear up well?


The world thunders along, in denial of

Promises, rights and liberties

In its reversal of 


Lie threadbare all egalitarian notions!

(Is it hell bent on setting the stage

For Frankenstein?)


Cold-hearted, witty Mephistopheles 

Of course, takes centre-stage

Lending voice to impeccably turned-out imps,

In this darkest of satires.


It's for real though,

Blurring edges with 



Burning hell fires through cosy living rooms 

Songs still playing in the hollows, 

Garfunkle in other tongues


Memories in 

Lingering echoes...


O world, where to from here?

Where do you want to go?


In worlds within worlds, within worlds

Of a very real but singular earth,

Twisted upturned notions 

Now rule.


There's no escaping the shrouds of

Inhuman haze 

To obfuscate everything,


O', Earth, I walk with you,

In your hour of shell-shocked



Through the pain surely there'll be an awakening? 



Smeetha Bhoumik

Smeetha Bhoumik is a poet, artist, editor, founder of the WE Literary Community, founding editor of Yugen Quest Review and author of two poetry collections.

In art her major theme is the Universe Series in oils and mixed media.

Her poems feature in national/ international journals, anthologies including The Polaris Trilogy - Poems for the Moon 2023, TMYS Review- Stories & Poems on Culture & Identity, (Readomania, 2022), Sunflowers – Ukranian Poetry on War, Resistance, Hope, Peace (River Paw Press, 2022), Oxygen – Parables of the Pandemic 2022, Quesadilla & Other Adventures 2019, Muse India 2017, 2018, Life and Legends 2018, Modern English Poetry by Younger Indians– Sahitya Akademi, 2019, among others.


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