Backing the Printed Sound


allegro filters 
vanish through the carwash
          impresarios return

   an             effort
empty             by
chance         design

          to wilt

in the vagaries hatch
the crescendo avocado myth
to the sample
                      audience cage

a modem rehearsing in cursive


any protrusion 
less than elegant

         reverts     to     script
         according      to        type

     an audio 
         liter bottle
             new screws            attached

             membranes shattered

decibel recurrence              glass
as chronic problem             memories
a tonic can resolve              pitch

                sound fragments

              to find
                        and font
                                     a front

                                        that intones a reason for its back



Vernon Frazer’s most recent books of poetry include Selected IMPROVISATIONS, T(exto)-V(isual) Poetry and Unsettled Music. Enigmatic Ink has published Field Reporting, Frazer’s most recent novel. His web site is Bellicose Warbling, the blog that updates his web page, can be read at Frazer’s work, including the longpoem IMPROVISATIONS, may also be viewed at In addition to writing poetry and fiction, Frazer also performs his poetry, incorporating text and recitation with animation and musical accompaniment, on YouTube. Frazer is married.


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