"16.13" and "16.20"

*By life and media in the USA, beginning January 6, 2021.
**Marcus Dodds editor/translator, 1872 edition. Gutenberg Ebook #45304



like a floating city
the sargassum island
off the shore of
mystically influencing desantis
to install aug-
ustinian orthodoxy
in sarasota, and the new
pres at new college says
he'll unfund critical
race theory and put 
those woke motherfuckers
to sleep for good
here city of god meets
city of an other
and the broken husks 
wash up on shore…
you can smell the stench
for miles down the beach




when lot got rich e-
nough he needed 
to get away from over-
bearing uncle abram 
and besides feeling 
certain urges 
threw his lot 
in with the sodomites and 
headed across the sahara 
with his concubines and 
camels, sort of like desantis to-
day struggling to get 
trump's avuncular
dick out of his ass and start 
his own orgy in iowa (with 
casey behind him all 
the way of course)



Bill Lavender is a poet, novelist, musician, carpenter and publisher living in New Orleans. My ID, his eleventh book of poetry, was published by BlazeVOX in October, 2019. His novel trilogy, Three Letters, was released in 2021 by Spuyten Duyvil. His verse memoir, Memory Wing, was published by Black Widow in 2011. A chapbook, surrealism, was published in 2016 and translated into Spanish by Enrique Solinas and Peter Thompson; the bilingual edition was released by Yauguru in Uruguay as surrealismo in 2017.

He founded Lavender Ink, a small press devoted mainly to poetry, and Diálogos, devoted to cross-cultural literatures.

He is the co-founder, with Megan Burns, of the New Orleans Poetry Festival.


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