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Inspired largely by her religious beliefs, the threat of war, and the assurance of death, Joja's poems and short stories will see-saw rapidly between realism and romanticism, between soft language and hard, leaving the reader unsure if the work is designed as a cry of despair or a sick joke. Her works are attempts at self-examination that leave both her and her readers with more questions than answers.

When told that her bio didn't have to be strictly factual, Joja said: "Living in a cave just off the outskirts of a post-modern industrial village reveals to one to the essentials. Tea time, for example, the value and eloquent simplicity of recycling, the limitations imposed under the necessity of hiking five km or so into the nearest village, and the *tremendous* need for good schools allowing the village children other hobbies than chasing with fire/threatening to burn at the stake people who live in surrounding caves.

"Nature and solitude do, though, provide a variety of inspiration and -Dare i be so bold?- insight. But insight is terribly subjective, which is, at best, a relative, so perhaps it is a waste of time reading anyone else's work at all? If you disagree, please visit the Apples&Oranges Oranges&Apples site and that of the Will Work for Peace anthology. You might also be interested to read about the IZC [International Zionist Conspiracy -join now before you have to go through the ugly business of paying //through the nose// for membership!] or Poetry Super Highway -Where I understand one might read other contributours as well. A last resort might involve actually contacting me via e-mail to request the most recent BlueMo0n (a semi-regular chapthology). But you know how it is with reclusives.......not to mention the Postal Authority." If you wish to contact her, you can do so through Unlikely Stories.

Joja's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Democracy, Whiskey, and Sexy
I Missed the War

And I no longer wonder that you might care
The "Ground Zero Workers for Peace" sign
streetcar tracks
Memorial Day, USA

July 1998 - July 1999:
Presents for Hitler [Y"S]
i am the person for whom
Yet Another Leo Frank Piece
Come Closer
tue tou et reveneras seul
Autumn's Shroud
Sustainable Parameters