Hello Unlikely lovelies,

This is a request for one-time donations to help “send” Unlikely Stories Mark V, Unlikely Books, and Rigorous: a journal by people of color to the 2021 virtual Conference of the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP21). If we’ve enriched your life, and you’re in a position to pay back, please read on…

As you might know, I’m the editor of Unlikely Stories and Unlikely Books, and my wife, Rosalyn Spencer, is the co-editor of Rigorous: a journal by people of color. We intermittently buy tables at the AWP Bookfair, to bring these projects to new audiences. This year, the Bookfair will be entirely virtual. If we go, I’ll park my butt in front of my webcam, and attendees of the Bookfair will be able to find us on a virtual map, and chat with me face-to-face, or by typing. I’ll have links and “handouts” and be able to answer questions on who we are and what we do.

The virtual tables are only $350, and in another year, we’d pay for that out of pocket. This year, however, I’m away from home caring for an ill family member, thus my own ability to earn income is significantly hampered. Meanwhile, Rosalyn is at our home in New Orleans, where we took damage from Hurricane Zeta.

So I’m asking if the fans of Unlikely Stories Mark V, Unlikely Books, and Rigorous would be willing to help us out with some one-time financial gifts, at the link below. Should we reach $350, I’ll delete this request. Should we be unable to “attend,” I’ll return the funds.

Thanks for your time and consideration,
Jonathan Penton