Four Paintings, June 2016



Ella Patrick

Ella Patrick grew up singing gospel songs in church and was inspired to pick up the guitar. After high school she ventured off to western North Carolina, and studied old time music and art at Warren Wilson College. Heavily influenced by roots music, she played fiddle for Asheville based band, The New Olde Fashioneds. However, after a bout of heart break, homesickness, and empty pockets she returned home to Carthage N.C. and began to write songs, and define her unique "fingerpicking" guitar style. Her music naturally draws on a range of ideas, combining Alt-Counrty, blues, honky-folksy whatever into a sweet dripping slow moving sound. Quirky, and effortlessly idiosyncratic, her performances are noted for rambuntions asides and gleeful (though not always graceful) energy. She continues to follow her own creative flow: painting, music-making, life-experiencing, and reality-questioning.


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