Bob McNeil

Bob McNeil is the author of Verses of Realness. He was published in The Shout It Out Anthology, Brine Rights: Stanzas and Clauses for the Causes (Volume 1), Not My President, San Francisco Peace and Hope, and The Self-Portrait Poetry Collection, etc.

Bob wants his artistic work to be a fortress against despotic politics. After years of being a professional illustrator, spoken word artist, and writer, he still wants his work to express only one cause—justice.

Despondent about the Earth’s ecological state, Arthur Quisling, a fifty-two-year-old scientist with an Einstein-like appearance and a green spacesuit, entered his six-by-eight, pyramid-shaped Dimensional Flier. His solar-powered yellow ship, which was capable of elongating and navigating through celestial holes, was preparing for its launch.

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