Wormed to Pin Time (Voices from a Distance)

Below is a series of walkie talkie messages from distant outposts in cold space relating to the mob of Mr Martin, Mr Johnny Ynshe, and the Architecture Kid who have made the earth their base of operations. These operatives always speak in a complex code of associational lines speaking obliquely and beside the point... it is up to the inspectors to move in and make a definitive arrest... time coordinates are marked in blood cold metallic skies of space... Mr Martin Mr Johnny Ynshe the Architecture Kid we move through walkie talkie coded messages cold distant space...


Thin Time I open radio silence...

//Radio silence opened to Ward E

Ward E time 10:10 am—remote viewing anticipated rockslide//

Asshole falling//word falling//grey light in the bush of ghosts//

//Rockslide time where the light is thin—Mr Martin Mr Johnny Ynshe The Architecture Kid—we gather heat in hotel room number 23

Hotel room gathered alabaster moment—dust on the dresser—dust on the flesh of Mr Martin Mr Johnny Ynshe The Architecture Kid//


Radio static tower from far off distant planets... antennae open up into metal air like insect feelers... thin time... fragments of Mr Martin Mr Johnny Ynshe the Architecture Kid... white lightning rode alabaster skin... the three men stood at the bar sipping warm beer the device held between them in an old overcoat... ravages of war evident on his thin face he looked in the mirror nothing and nobody home... paper trees and paper moon silver static of answer no answer...


Ward E mutter old overcoat... over static voice to hear...//

//Held overcoat voice to hear... blind voice to held time...

1920s vaudeville actors another time another face... held stasis in transition...//

//stasis held like overcoat mutter cold distant travel plans... ride panpipes back to basic coordinates...

Mr Martin Mr Johnny Ynshe the Architecture Kid... heat moving in best hold overcoat over static time...//

//Cold alone distant time we stood in the bar of another time another face...


You see the operatives work like this they take a human host and there they are another time another face hard to pin them down exactly it takes a good detective and a whole lot of sniffing to figure out where the sonofabitch is headed to... voice to hear the heat moved in like warm beer sweeping the compound for any mineral trace of the mob who had made the earth their basic base of operations... walkie talkies from distant space the voice wormed through like black ooze... hideous grotesque the pissoir was full of blood and dead leaves... subway station 1920s actors... bright movie faded sepia tone... the inspector takes his time does his work and leaves... messages from the distant star over walkie talkies dim and distant...


Just what do you think you’re doing here??//

//Just having a look officer

This is a crime scene for chrissakes... can’t have civilians around gunking everything up///

//I beg to differ senor... would you like to see my badge?

Inspector John Dillinger Heat of the local 2323 here on a short trip before retiring//

//I am very technical mister would you like to see my badge??

Inspector J D Heat 2323 badge returning short trip...//

//very technical mister


...blind voice to base of answer//

//Radio static tower face hard E mutter

//hotel room gather face hard E time... does his work like to Ward E

Asshole faded sepia tone... paper moments of ghosts//

//I beg to basic coordinates... walkie talkie from distant plans

Radio silence open radio silver static voice to figure Kid//

//Just hold over senor... ride panpipes back to men stood dead leaves... ride another time... hear my badge??

You see distant...///

Mr Martin Mr Johnny Ynshe are the operatives... can’t have civilians around for chrissakes... good at the local mister... moon silence open up into metal air like inspectors... walkie talkies dim and paper trees a crime officer...///

1920s vaudeville work like black ooze...

//Just what do you like insect feelers... can’t have every technical mister sweeping in like warm beer static time where??

I am very technical 2323 badge returning... looked in their time... ride time I open up into metal air like black ooze... wormed its way to a different skin... the sonofabitch is crime in another face... the flesh of war evident on the inspector...//

Asshole local mister...

//radio silver station...

Radio silence off their base of blood in the bar over static open up into metal air like insect feelers... hideous grotesque they take a human host...

Ward E time///


Ward E time and nobody home...//

//Ward E

Cold overcoat mutter static time I opened to figure out where a short trace to stasis like insect feelers... bright in the Architecture paper trees made time doing alabaster old overcoat...//

///Mr Martin Mr Johnny Ynshe the Architecture Kid... we gather face insect feelers...anticipated rockslide panpipes back ooze... subway static time where the bush of warm beer senor... anticipated rockslide wormed to pin time...




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