"went to bed a baby goth awoke a barking head," "advance man came back irredeemably faded," and "when giddy splash was rendered"

     went to bed a baby goth awoke a barking head
with both hands     i grasp     the whoosh generator     my
jagged mouth complains     of tight lips     while flanked by
a rotating cast of zilches     it is that kind of     stand-
off     who are you? because     i am fun brash a little
nasty     undermining any     transgressive force         ahead
     of the curve     at least     past incidents smoosh together     zany
cartoonlike     it’s my pleasure     to reverse flood of
perspective monotonous flow     you can
keep your contortionist &     mummified devil boy     7
flexible legs     can’t be wrong         not selling out crossing
     over i will     employ a hard-edged geometric    
language with     less colors totally actor proof     i shall root
about grasses chewing scenery     out back
shall be a compromised
landscape     where we may
trot-lope-gallop     blank
mirror constructivist
performance     is what
i aim for


     advance man came back irredeemably faded
he said     my soda vigil at     piss scent post was
subject to     much repetition     i noted dark
objects     that suddenly moved     reddish
mice     emitting snort-bark combo    reddish
mice     stitched ‘n’ stretched until i went
code pink     funny as a box of
worms         casual transient she could     do it all     pilot
     celestial     electronic     dead reckoning     distorted
but     not a ripped curl before cut
water     with semi-automatic smile     of a
dislocate     she was often seen amongst     back scatter
sea bed crap
     so keep a bright look out
tenderfoot         this is all reflected in their territorial
     markers     personal bubbles     unvarnished
harmony     quote our     intuition tells us what
color where     how much     pretty fast though
& not     particular about
what we


    when giddy splash was rendered    
in gory crimson palette     & dark-hearted
subgenre     was just  a late digital addition     high
on amphoterrible     cherry-lime maze led
us     back to post-production     where bold
color patterns    stustupepefiedfied     & when we awoke     ugly
season     really had reached     mouse palace         though we
     failed to land     with our ass in the butter     you were a sure
card at least     so    
we blew that
taco truck
         yes playing
     harmonicas beneath
a low winter sun     spitting
leeward to reverse
some taboo     i cherish all that         but now
     it’s time to get     back
in the teapot door mouse     this
is my anytown banana farm     &
my special


"went to bed a baby goth awoke a barking head" was previously published in the Tulane Review.



Billy Cancel has recently appeared in PEN America & Boston Review. His latest body of work Psycho'Clock is out on Hidden House Press. His collection Mock Trough Rasping Crow is to be published by BlazeVox in January 2018. With his wife Thursday Fernworthy, Billy Cancel makes up the noise-duo Tidal Channel. Aberrations of all sorts at www.BillyCancelPoetry.com


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