Waxing gibbous

                              to be
          in control
                                                               the paucity of repetition:
                           issue &
                                                                                                       everyonever : I am not here
                      orders                                       then
systems          then
                                    occlude      indexes
of growth
                  & decline
                                                                                                          (no)one:          who is here
                           outside the white
circles filtering out to
           tissues and organs
                                  to regional lymph nodes via
lymphocytes      or through
                                   capillaries out
                  to the outposts
where weavers with marble threads
stitch our insides in place and the time
cascading through them –
when the time comes to
walk on water, internal
      pressure forces us to
exhale and to cut the skin
                                          vectors of unequal length                               semitransparent
                   & whirling.
In the Liddell-Scott dictionary, the entry for the Greek noun «αράχνη» (spider) notes that a connection can be made (but not established beyond doubt) that it is connected to the noun ἄρκυς (net or knot). The immediately preceding entry in the dictionary belongs to the verb ἀράσσω,
                 meaning to hit,
                                      to pound with force,
                   to bring into collision,
to utterly demolish. The poem often exists to remind us that it too must be destroyed.



Theodoros Chiotis

Theodoros Chiotis has published the chapbooks Screen (Paper Tigers Books, 2017) and limit.less: towards an assembly of the sick (Litmus, 2017). He is also the editor and translator of the anthology Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis (Penned in the Margins, 2015). His work has also been published in Litmus, Datableed, Forward Book of Poetry 2017, 3:am, Adventures in Form, Shearsman, amongst others. He has received awards and commendations from the Forward Arts Foundation and the Institute for the Future of the Book. He is on the editorial board of [φρμκ] and Hotel magazine. He currently lives and works in Athens. Theodoros recommends PAPYRUS: Prevention of Young Suicide.


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