Are you ready for the 2019 Conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs in Portland? We are!


On Wednesday, March 27, there will be a joint reading for Unlikely Stories and Rigorous at:
Wednesday, March 27, 8pm
Ford Food and Drink
2505 SE 11th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97202

Hear the works of Ben Aleshire, Hari Alluri, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Vincent A. Cellucci, Wendy Chin-Tanner, Laurin DeChae, Steven Dunn, Meiloni C. Erickson, Amanda Huynh, Kona Morris, dan raphael, Victorio Reyes, Rone Shavers, Larissa Shmailo, Nancy Stohlman, and Marc Vincenz! Our hosts will be Rigorous editor Kenning Jean-Paul García and Unlikely editor Jonathan Penton.

This event will immediately follow the Festival of Language, an awesome 5-hour marathon of literature run by Jane L. Carman, and featuring Jane L. Carman, Martha Jackson Kaplan, Jonathan Penton, Larissa Shmailo, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Bill Yarrow, and many others! It starts at 3pm at Food Ford and Drink!


On Saturday afternoon, Vincent A. Cellucci and I are organizing a reading for some great New Orleans peeps, namely:
Lavender Ink and River Writers present the Krewe de Louisiane
Saturday, March 30, 2pm
The Big Legrowlski
812 NW Couch St
Portland, OR 97209

Readers will include Devon Balwit, Vincent A. Cellucci, Mel Coyle, Moira Crone, Shira Dentz, Teow Lim Goh, Elizabeth Gross, Andrea Jurjević, Rodger Kamenetz, Laura Mattingly, Jenn Marie Nunes, Jonathan Penton, Christopher Romaguera, and Maurice Carlos Ruffin! Our hosts will be Unlikely authors Vincent A. Cellucci and Jonathan Penton.


And all weekend long (Thursday through Saturday) Unlikely Books and Rigorous will be sharing a table in the #AWP19 Bookfair! Come check us out at Table 10105! Seriously, Table 10105. That's its designation. Looks like it's right behind registration to the right, so come see us there! We'll have four book signings:

Thursday, March 28, 3pm:
I'll sign Standards of Sadiddy

Friday, March 29, 11am:
Wendy Taylor Carlisle will sign The Mercy of Traffic

Friday, March 29, 3pm:
Kenning JP García will sign their books

Saturday, March 30, 11am:
Rodger Kamenetz will sign Yonder

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There's a whole bunch of lectures and readings featuring Unlikely peeps! Check out:

Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Writers on Employment Outside of Academia
with Wendy J Fox, Daniel Olivas, Teow Lim Goh, Yuvi Zalkow, and David Abrams
Thursday, 9:00, A106, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1

How to Win a Writing Fellowship
with Thaddeus Rutkowski, Ava Chin, Janet Kaplan, Tim Keane, and Pedro Ponce
Thursday, 9:00, D131-132, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1

Chaotic Good: Genre Fiction as a Tool for Political Resistance
with Amber Sparks, Gregory Howard, Porochista Khakpour, Rion Amilcar Scott, and Daniel Jose Older
Thursday, 10:30, B117-119, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1

Ecstatic Ekphrastic: When Images Are More Than Inspiration
with Maria Romasco Moore, Bianca Stone, Sarah Minor, Dustin Parsons, and Kelcey Parker Ervick
Thursday, 12:00, E147-148, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1

The Critical Creative: The Editor-Poet
with Marc Vincenz, Larissa Shmailo, Michael Anania, Amy King, and Kwame Dawes
Thursday, 12:00, Portland Ballroom 256, Oregon Convention Center, Level 2

Hybrid Sex Writing: What's Your Position?
with Larissa Shmailo, Jonathan Penton, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Cecilia Tan, and Erica Jong
Thursday, 1:30, B116, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1
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25 Years of Creative Nonfiction: An Anniversary Reading.
with Lee Gutkind, Dinty W. Moore, Brenda Miller, Brian Broome, and Suzanne Roberts
Thursday, 1:30, D137-138, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1

How Literary Magazines Cultivate Meaningful Inclusivity
with Jenn Scheck-Kahn, Andrew Jimenez, Joyce Chen, Geeta Kothari, and Rosalyn Spencer
Thursday, 3:00, B116, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1
Learn more at

Women Editors on the Power of Change
with Lisa Roney, Kim Brown, Amy King, and Lauren Hook
Thursday, 3:00, A106, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1

Unspoken Intimacies: On Male Friendship, Romance, and Everything in Between
with Alex McElroy, Cheston Knapp, Brandon Taylor, Garth Greenwell, and Maurice Carlos Ruffin 
Friday, 9:00, B113, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1

New Poetry from Omnidawn
with Tyrone Williams, Jason Bayani, Jaswinder Bolina, Norma Cole, and Sara Mumolo
Friday, 12:00, Zachary A. Doss Memorial Stage, Sponsored by USC, Exhibit Hall, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1

Both, Neither, and Something Else Entirely: Genderqueer Writers & Writing
with Sassafras Lowrey, Shelley Marlow, Jacq Greyja, Tiff Ferentini, and Kenning JP García
Friday, 1:30, F150, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1

A Reading and Conversation with Erica Jong, Lidia Yuknavitch, and Raymond Luczak, Sponsored by Red Hen Press
with Erica Jong, Raymond Luczak, Lidia Yuknavitch, and Susannah Nevison
Friday, 1:30, Portland Ballroom 253-254, Oregon Convention Center, Level 2

Art and Identity: How Race, Faith, & Sexuality Shape Us
with Laura Joyce Davis, Vernon Keeve III, Nina LaCour, Shanthi Sekaran, and Zahra Noorbakhsh
Friday, 3:00, E143-144, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1

Love from the Belly of Terror: A Copper Canyon Press Reading
with Ellen Bass, Jericho Brown, Javier Zamora, and Deborah Landau 
Friday, 8:30pm, Oregon Ballroom 201-202, Oregon Convention Center, Level 2

Wandering Jews Go West
with Phillip Terman, Roger Kamenetz, Robin Becker, Richard Chess, and Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor
Saturday, 9:00, C125-126, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1

Surviving the Writing Life: Whither, Life Balance?
with John King, David James Poissant, Chelsey Clammer, Rion Amilcar Scott, and Benjamin Hertwig
Saturday, 10:30, E143-144, Oregon Convention Center, Level 1

Changing of the Guard: Editors on Inclusion and Diversity in Literary Journals
Sarah McGrail, Megan Giddings, J.D. Schraffenberger, Tara Campbell, and Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice
Saturday, 3:00, Portland Ballroom 255, Oregon Convention Center, Level 2

Match Game: How to Find and Work With Your Agent
with Julia Phillips, Patricia Park, Kali Fajardo-Anstine, Naseem Jamnia, and Maurice Carlos Ruffin
Saturday, 4:30, Oregon Ballroom 203, Oregon Convention Center, Level 2