United Nations finds pedestrian driver switch = peace

an ash quarter horse buggy buggies
& a Ford Model A four-wheeler
wheels over orange dust
& a red-seat Kawasaki
 & silver side-car weaves between lanes

& Adam prams a pram
with two-month Jane

& Jill’s hairless
right arm swings
a tan briefcase

& John jogger jogs in red stripped
white sweat pants
 > two-hundred years
pedestrians on the side

& vehicles in the center

the rules of the road Bill is law

roads will Bea grey cemented

& sidewalks black tarred

& Jack’s 33” haired legs
walks two-miles per hour
Nike step after Nike step

& Eve motors a white Ford F
wearing a black head-scarf
with tail tarring the sidewalk



Robert Fleming

Robert Fleming lives in Lewes, Delaware. He is published in United States, Canada, and Australia, and a member of the Rehoboth Beach, Eastern Shore, and Horror Writer’s Association. He's the 2022 winner of San Gabriel Valley CA broadside-1 poem, 2021 winner of Best of Mad Swirl poetry, and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize by Ethel Zine and FailBetter and double nominated for best of the net by Devil’s Party Press. Follow Robert on Facebook. Robert recommends Camp Rehoboth.


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