But they’d rather write down
They cannot put up with
How undiagnosable you are
             How timidly loud you can be
                          How effortlessly you slip from the straitjacket
They built a throne
You wouldn’t get up from
             By refusing to sit down
                          You dishonored their gift
They want you dead
             Hysterically dead
You feel it
                          The needle pushing through
             To stich the scarlet letter
On the skin of your thighs
                          You tried didn’t you?
Countless times
             To set yourself on fire
                          For the sake of the show
                                                    To make yourself
                          The most hideous witch
You hoped somehow
             A sister would come
             To bandage your burns
                          How long have you waited?
Have they ever heard 
             Your genuine voice
             Of honey mingled with rocks
Without being anesthetized                from feelings
Conclusion drawn
             You cannot be saved
                          It could have been worse



Clara Pasian was born in 2000 and brought up in France. She is a writer, poet and musician who currently resides in Brighton in the UK and is completing a Creative Writing master degree. Some of her writings have been featured in magazines such as Pandora’s Box, Flight of the Dragonfly, Dreich Magazine, and Pier Review.


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