"Trip microscope Materiality," "First Unendurable Papercut of the Season," and "Adage Abusing, [At Least] a Wounded Nerve"

Trip microscope Materiality

Contractual chemical obligations
reserve right-of-way jean jackets
gasping for wispy olive loafing insights
                : rAgE    : rAgE     “:   & baskets cornering
                                                         NeTwOrK grasshoppers >>>
     legitimate train
     crashing footprints < < <   . . .   DNA
                                 pissing                 commentaries
/          /          /          /          /          /          /          /          /
Demented permutations herky jerky artichokie [
               fumigate your
                   tailpipe   ,,, ] musical interludes
                                        & distracted rattraps
                                        pierce the knobby circles.



First Unendurable Papercut of the Season

Premise of century minotaur information kiosks
blinding stucco executive crash test dummy
unified by policy chicken spacers. Relegated panels
notarized between visual infantile sensors. Split
parched narrative glue traps crowned by tirade
swifter though gangly in heap of associative spree.
                  - millennium data bar blade
          - incomplete cylindrical conviction route
                          - downfall of monumental funeral
- business puke incomplete list of manic atrocities
                                       - ! –
Figures of pathological duvets
               crumble guts & all
               peevish layer upon fleeting layer
   each pleasure lava combustible.



Adage Abusing, [At Least] a Wounded Nerve

Maniac whistle hollow ring finger
               : this [BliSS] Anger subtracts
                 conquered citizens of
                 diatribe : ,
     heard ecstatic Dante’s infernal Racket
[bell, court, penknife, revenge] - - -
         locking hand that reveals
         heart monitor excess.
leeching without LeaVe of Absence
, the betray’d warship lollipop
                                 / Dust, rabbit, habit,
                      All YE vapid dimensions & balms
                      rendered HeaLing PowerS w/o shieled
                      visionary tambourine glowing.
       who amongst the stone face
       cutting benches queued up
       behind the candelabra
       sneaky feeling machine
       DOMINATION [. It’s damnation
   reveal’d OuR swallowing
   mists of tangy gratitude
                               , weeping
                                 ShotgUN prancing
                                 dancehall gambit.
Really, sharing, bleeding, & slept
among the violent shallow banks
upon which fashion heels itself into



Joshua Martin

Joshua Martin is a Philadelphia based writer and filmmaker, who currently works in a library. He is member of C22, an experimental writing collective. He is the author most recently of the books [Ruptured] >> Schematic <<  MAZES (Sweat Drenched Press), destructive paradox slips on banana peel (Cajun Mutt Press), and Dance of Resistance Brainwaves (C22 Press). He has had numerous pieces published in various journals including Otoliths, Synapse, Version (9), Don’t Submit!, BlazeVOX, RASPUTIN, Ink Pantry, and experiential-experimental-literature. You can find links to his published work at joshuamartinwriting.blogspot.com. Joshua recommends the Morris Animal Refuge.


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