"these shoes" and "defined"

these shoes

these shoes don’t go with murder;
they’re no heart attack in transit,
causing flyboys to crave cherry
​divebombs in a backseat rental,
crying a “Sweet Jesus” climax
as if He was to blame for libido;

these shoes can’t arouse the sidewalk,
whose paved talk is stilleto strides,
if the fashion of late night homicide
doesn’t sober up a Nike’s penchant
to disbar a cocktail dress’s ascent;

but, damn, punk attitude is sexy,
who gives a fuck about shoes?



if an unknown
variable is defined
by sight,

we’re licking up x’s
on y sidewalks,

balancing out
what tr[ails]
are upside,

in us,

rich on medicaid,
milked government,
masticated wallets;

rooms w/o equations
o/windows, o/doors,
[out, out, out!]

equal into us,


w/o solution



H. Holt

H. Holt is a Georgia author and college secretary who dabbles in all realms of written expression. She has been writing since she was eleven years old. She was the Managing Editor for Walking Is Still Honest Press for two years until it became defunct in October of 2017. She has been published alongside former president Jimmy Carter in Stone, River, Sky: An Anthology of Georgia Poems. Holt serves as the Social Media Manager for the Southern Collective Experience. In her spare time, she practices another art entirely: the art of avoiding society.


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