The Lady

You had your bath. You are in your bed. The sheets were just washed and they smell fresh and clean. The moonlight is making shadows on the ceiling. You hear noises. You get out of bed and you tiptoe down the stairs. Halfway down you stop and you look through the banister. Your daddy is kissing someone and it is not your mother. This lady has long blond hair that flows past her shoulders. Your mother’s hair is short and brown. This lady is slender and she’s wearing a shining blue dress. Your mother is not slender. She doesn’t have a shining blue dress. Your daddy and this lady are pressing together so hard it looks like they are going to eat each other. Then she lays down on the couch and your daddy lays on top of her. You tiptoe back to your bed. You are afraid of what they are going to do next.

You can’t fall asleep. Where is your mother? You haven’t seen her in so long. You asked your daddy and he said she went away. He said she’s never coming back. He said she doesn’t love you anymore.

You miss her. You dream your mommy comes back and she is laughing. “You silly girl” she says “Mommies don’t leave. I will always come back.” When you open your eyes sunlight is streaming through your window. You go to the kitchen and you look around for the lady. She isn’t there. Your daddy is there and he is pulling boxes of cereal down from the cupboard. You want to ask him about the lady but you don’t think it’s a good idea. Your daddy gets mad. He puts a bowl and a spoon in front of you and you say “Frosted flakes.” Your daddy pulls a carton of milk out of the refrigerator.



Sally Connors

Sally Connors is an actor and playwright living in Brooklyn, NY. she has had several one acts produced and one children's book published The Diary of Fluffy.


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