"The Hair that Rocked" and "Rearview Mirror"

The Hair That Rocked

One of the hair
follicles had
been at a show 
last night rocking
out more than the
other hairs at
the barbershop floor.
It was a long
gray hair, longer 
than the rest of
the hairs. I looked 
at it and I
was sure it was
this hair that rocked 
out the most. I
had fun as well,
but there were parts 
where I could have
pretended to
rock because I
did not know the
song and could not
get into it. The
one gray hair likes
everything it
hears. It is a
fool for music.
I had to get
the haircut though.
Its rocking days
are all over.



Rearview Mirror

In my rearview mirror,
the blue sky and a lonely 
cloud taking form.
From the driver’s seat, a
blackbird flying by, the sun
in the distance
tinted in gold. I drive
as other cars zoom by me.
The big mountain
to the left of me and
the smaller one to the right
and I just try
to hold on to dear life,
my childhood in the rearview
mirror and all
my sorrow, all I loved
there too. My heart, driving on
for a long mile.
I can go on further.
I cannot look back to the
childhood, long gone.



Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal

Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal lives in California and works in Los Angeles. His poems, art, and photographs have appeared in Blue Collar Review, Escape Into Life, Medusa's Kitchen, and Yellow Mama Webzine. His most recent poetry book, Make the Water Laugh, was published by Rogue Wolf Press. Luis recommends St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.


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