"The End of It" and "Meteorologist"

The End of It

we stand holding onto one another
watching as lightning slashes the sky
jumping a little with each new explosion of thunder
rain dims the dawn
and the wind scatters what’s left of this
like worn and tattered clothing
of course we knew it would end
wasn’t that part of the allure? 
over and over my father’s rainy-day mantra
      ~rain before 7 stops before 11~
runs on a loop in my head
at eleven I will put you on a train away from here
one last time
how civilized, how mature we are
I am not sad
never mind that the scar inside my chest has grown yet another layer




                        (for Vyacheslav Korotki)
as if he was the wind or the weather
he doesn’t get lonely at all
this specialist in the polar north
measuring temperatures  
the winds
     tundra and snowstorms
a part of him now
the world of cities    people
foreign    uninteresting
he is content
   his maps pinned to peeling walls
a clock that still works     supplies delivered once a year
in the light of a lamp he enters
                                                  numbers in a journal

on a table -- a pre-war radio   its transmissions
     often interrupted    
but the northern lights’
unearthly golds and greens sheen the sky
and the moon shining on the hard-packed snow
etches terrible beauty into his eyes



This poem is based on a photo essay that appeared in The New Yorker, December 2014



Michele A. Belluomini

Michele Belluomini’s poetry has been published in many print, online journals, and anthologies.  Her chapbook, Crazy Mary & Others was a winner in the Plan B press competition.  Her most recent volume of poetry is Signposts for Sleep Walkers.  She was recently announced as one of the winners of the 12th Annual John and Rose Petracca & Family Award for her poem, "La Befana."  She works as Adjunct Library Faculty at Community College of Philadelphia.  Michele recommends supporting Philadelphia Stories Magazine.


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