Take It Back

put your finger in it
like a shark-toothed gingerbread house

get out on the street
despite the absence of your French Symbolist poets

plant a fucking seed
quit buying shit you don’t need

chant: one plate
one fork, one cup
one spoon

give the rest away freely
surrender your wants to impoverished indigence

use a laser to cut squares from the sky
let down the stars
to lay waste

to the inhuman consciousness
bent on ensnaring, enslaving
the free spirit of creative forces

to shatter 
and shove
black reptilian oaths
vowed in penthouse palaces
back up their 
vile asses

take it back
channel the anarchy
born of the womb

there is only one color 
hotly coursing under the skin
uniting us all

it is wine, the red wine of 
it is blood
it is ours.



Jay Passer’s work has appeared in print and online all over the globe since 1988. He is the author of several chapbooks, and his 2018 full-length collection, they lied to me when they said everything would be alright, from Pski’s Porch Publishing, is currently available from Amazon. Passer lives and works in San Francisco, the city of his birth.


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