"'steady eric'" and "it's frozen"

"steady eric"

pop up jewels
"warm up wake up"
driven to the two
tracks roiled
"another transaction" rolled
under other
a hand severed "that’s a"
garage (the)
door opened then closed
"silence is like silence"
hand over (rail)
tough finger (fingering)
(and the bent the arm of you)
one spin up



it’s frozen

(points) rub rub rub
"yeah, joint erosion"
random (strikes)
"baking in doubt"
just a booth (like) (to)
science fair
"a serious bug"
(so) rub rub



harry k stammer

harry k stammer is a writer and musician who lives and works in Santa Barbara, California. His books include every beyond’t nothing (persistencia), tents (Otoliths), and grounds (Otoliths); and tocsin, the third and last in the series about LA’s homeless, following on from tents and grounds, was released in 2019 (Otoliths). His latest books, sidewalkss and walls't's, were both published earlier this year by Concrete Mist Press and Sandy Press, respectively. Recent noise music is posted on https://harrykstammer1.bandcamp.com/. Harry recommends the Unity Shoppe.


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