"stagNation," "as felt as heard," and "un nu mb"



[                         forward stilted; wastagehostage; silt sluggish

closedfists resist creating; what

                                    means inalienable?—inapplicable?

                                    polluted rationalizations—only prevent :

                                                                                   immobile    ]



as felt as heard


i drop a shoe

on a cardboardbox,

its one side open to receiving

its sound :

low and dull,

like a bass drum struck

with a soft hand


i feel it,

shot as it is,

in my chest—

then, outside,

a report


the same sound . . .

different :

low and dull,

like a bass drum struck

with a soft hand


         felt in my chest—


                  my body—


more resonant,

the difference mentioned

not a sound made from

the slapping of shoe

on corrugated cardboard



once uncommon,

increasingly more—






                  de rigueur



un nu mb


her hands,

damp with dishwater,

drop, plunging—

         drenched, dense

         with the depths


i retch, nauseous, that i'm no longer stunned,

though these moments remain most macabre . . . ”


[       horror, of atrocity, the maidenhand is       ]


one mustn't become flushed by

         the absurd farrago of







Shine Ballard, the déclassé dabbler, uses notebooks . . . and ekes by a pencil. Twitter at @shineballard.


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