Spooky Kine Stuff

Dere’s wun
quantum mechanic world

wit no existence of space

in which da whole
is moa den da sum of its parts.”


So said da new guru

tripping on his tripping
and sounding like wun scientist

while going from his lotus position
to anadah point in da universe.


In his mind and body

tiny particles stay journeying
to two places

and materializing wit da same faces
incredibly distant from each adah.


Holy shinning Buddha!

Someting stay going on
while everyting is going on

in da black space
and in da white space

trying to explain itself
on da page space.


Spooky kine stuff
dat Einstein nevah agree wit

is eerily going on out deah​
or in heah

or essentially


Maybe da pensive guru
in deep and discovering meditation

is actually stumbling onto da reality
of quantum entanglement

while searching foa da door
to  enlightenment.


Strange kine magic

like weird actions
at wun distance

going start making
all of humankind realize

dat dere’s moa going on
den just E=mc2.



Joe Balaz writes in Hawaiian Islands Pidgin (Hawai'i Creole English). He is the author of Pidgin Eye, a collection of poetry. The book was featured by NBC News for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month in 2019. Balaz presently lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Joe recommends Shriners Hospitals for Children — Honolulu.


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