"some people," "the view," and "serenity"

some people

some people remind you
of how much freedom’s worth:
   choosing to smile and nod
   instead of knocking them
   to the ground
   and stuffing their mouths
   with high-grade dirt

some people use good graces
with tones anything but:
   leaving you to watch them
   walk away, cringing about manners
   yet wanting them to trip
   and end their power strut

still, you must not let them
darken your mood,
nor ruin your day
you must smile, walk along
as a person,
not a plague



the view

purple petunias
wave at me,
blue skies serving
as the background
in a summer painting

and the songs of city living
meet my ears, while people
stare in awe at what
they cannot grasp,
bitching about prices
instead of enjoying
the view

nature is drowning—
purple petunias wave
for rescue




in the span of a car ride,

you wonder,
            as the lake


            the lake shimmers
            because of all
            the innocent souls
            existing beneath,
            that have gone on,
            and those that hope
            to one day be

and you wonder


            the world looks
            so similar
            to lifeforms beyond
            our scope of thriving

if we shimmer, somehow,
above our ivory clouds;
if we are to them
as silvered fish

                        all serenity is illusory



H. Holt

H. Holt is a Georgia author and college secretary who dabbles in all realms of written expression. She has been writing since she was eleven years old. She was the Managing Editor for Walking Is Still Honest Press for two years until it became defunct in October of 2017. She has been published alongside former president Jimmy Carter in Stone, River, Sky: An Anthology of Georgia Poems. Holt serves as the Social Media Manager for the Southern Collective Experience. In her spare time, she practices another art entirely: the art of avoiding society.


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