"Small World" and "Sin Soñar / Without Dreaming"

Small World

In my hand
a fistful of dirt,
a small world
with tiny people,
I spotted
my minuscule twin,
and I blew
the dirt off, my twin
the small world gone,
the people,
too, and I washed
my hands clean.
World destroyer
is the phrase
I heard the most.



Without Dreaming

I slept without dreaming.
I lived without breathing.
I drank pure air.
I walked without moving.
The starless nights.
The wingless bees.
I lied without words.
I stole without a crime.
I ached without a wound.
I cried without pain.
I ate invisible bread.
I perspired without heat.

Sin Soñar

Dormía sin soñar.
Vivía sin respirar.
Bebía puro aire.
Caminaba sin andar.
La noche sin estrellas.
La abeja sin alas.
Mentía sin palabras.
Robaba sin delito.
Ardía sin herida.
Lloraba sin dolor.
Comía pan invisble.
Sudaba sin calor.



Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal wasborn in Mexico, works in the mental health in Los Angeles, California, and has had poems published since the late 80's. His poems have appeared in Ariel Chart, San Antonio Review, and Yellow Mama Magazine. His chapbooks and books have been published by Alternating Current Press, Deadbeat Press, Kendra Steiner Editions, New Polish Beat, Poet's Democracy, Pygmy Forest Press, and Ten Pages Press. Luis recommends St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.


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