Seven Photographs, December 2022



Charles Muir Lovell

Born in Chicago, Charles Muir Lovell lives and works in New Orleans. He holds an MFA and BS in photography, from Central Washington University and East Texas State University. Lovell began photographing as a young man traveling throughout Europe and South America. He continued his photography during over 20 years as a museum director/curator, a career that took him from the Pacific Northwest to the American Southwest and South, everywhere finding distinctive cultures and photography subjects. He became a full-time photographer in 2015. Since moving to New Orleans in 2008, he has taken over 75,000 color photographs of New Orleans second lines, social aid and pleasure clubs, and jazz funerals, and is also known for his Language of The Street Series he has continued in Europe and the United States, having photographed in Venice and Naples, Italy; Paris, France; New Orleans, Louisiana and New York, New York. Artist's portrait photo by Jennifer Ward.


Edited for Unlikely by Leona Strassberg Steiner, Art Director
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