"Retrograde Ron" and "Ron's Palinode"

Retrograde Ron

Let me tell a little about Ron DeSantis and his retrograde views
Some of you know, to others this will be news
He's old skool like the 1860's racist as fuck
Bans books and thoughts, man does he suck
Ron's antivax and anti science to boot
To those who oppose him him he's a real brute
Just ask Disney what he did with don't say gay
He must never be president, this I pray
His fascist views are regressive
Domineering, autocratic and repressive
Want to move forward to the future?
We can't with Ron the Trumpist ass smoocher.
So heed my words and don't buy the media hype
Ron's a fucking brownshirt gutter snipe
Not fit to lead this country my friends
So stand against DeSantis 'cause this fight never ends.



Ron's Palinode

I once wrote a poem comparing W. Bush to Satan
Though he's a smirking war criminal now it's not him I'm hatin'
This poem is about Ron DeathSentence Florida man
He's come to screw you any way he can
Whatever you do don't say gay
Make all bad thoughts go away
Like CRT in your math textbooks
Sure these guys may sound like kooks
But trust me they are deadly serious
If you let Ron win he'll get imperious 
He'll have you bow before his greatness
And praise his white male Christian straightness. 



The Magus Gustav Sallas lives in West Palm Beach, Florida and is a poet, English tutor and political activist. The Magus recommends World Central Kitchen.


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