"Remembering More than the Alamo" and "George Herbert Walker Bullshit"

Remembering More Than the Alamo

I was in downtown San Antonio
walking to the conference center
thinking this city
was pretty progressive
but then I heard that cowardly word
erupt from a truck
passing through traffic
you know the word
            meant to disembowel
            meant to eviscerate
            to lynch an entire
it was directed behind me
at a family heading into Denny’s
refusing to look up
            as if this wasn’t
            the first time it happened
            the kids trained
            to keep on walking
like that famous photo
of a young black girl’s
first day of school
Little Rock nineteen
fifty seven
and here we are
seven decades later
a racist rapist
in the white
supremacist house
encouraging the most
deplorable animosity
that swastikas and slavery
aspire to enflame
fuck yeah    I was shocked!
and shocked that this shock
hadn’t shocked
the family
and hell yeah    I was bummed!
to never be able to separate
           this city’s history
from what some dumbfuck
but this isn’t about me
this is about that family
trying to digest
two moons over my hammy
                            at Denny’s
where an oversized American flag
flaps over the parking lot
smeared with the toxic shit
of hostile



George Herbert Walker Bullshit


America has a nasty habit
of turning murderers
         into martyrs
especially when
it’s funeral time
case in point:
when George Herbert kicked the bucket
he was billed a gentleman
            (which is partially due
            to contrast with belligerence
            occupying office now)
born into a dynasty
that dug up Geronimo
and profited from Nazi cash
oil tycoon George Herbert Walker Bullshit
            oversaw CIA torture
            in collaboration w/
            Dirty War dictators
            down in South Amerigo
            who disappeared
            sixty thousand
            not only that
            George Herbert Walker Bullshit
            made it okay
            to blast sixty six children            
            out of the Iranian sky
                        (not to mention
                        two hundred and thirty
                        bonus adults)
            before starving millions of civilians
            into squalid rubble dust
            while bombing Baghdad
            à la Dick
                         Cheney chaining
            military to
            a million more collaterals
“Principled bipartisan moderate”?
Bullshit again!
While flying the Willie Horton flag of
outright racist fascism
George Herbert Walker Bullshit
ordered some crack
to entrap a black
for fearmongering scourge
on live TV
imprisoned for a decade
Keith Jackson’s life
                        paid the price
for media stunt
of George Herbert Walker Bullshit
stating verbatim
                        “I don’t care
                        what the facts are”
            thereby paving way
            for eastern bloc oligarchs
            and setbacks from
            his mutant son
some of us remember    though
how much George Herbert Walker Bullshit
was loathed before and after Gulf War
            so let’s stop smearing
            lipstick on this pig
cuz thanks to the same campaign
that covered up global warming 
& slandered science
& media as enemy
            it’s easy these days
            to paint a war criminal
            as patriotic
especially when
a far right   alt white base
is too hoodwinked to give a damn
that a well informed electorate
is a perquisite for



Mark Spitzer

Mark Spitzer is the author of 31 books, most recently the edited collection Best of the Sucks from MadHat Press. He can be seen on reruns of the "Alligator Gar" episode of River Monsters or hiking around in the Shawangunk Mountains of New York State with his dog. Currently a professor somewhere in Arkansas, but probably not for long. For more info, visit sptzr.net. Mark recommends UAnimals.


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