Palindrome Amphoteric Poems from "The donkey of eu(-) (eats the straw that breaks the camel's back)"

Stevedore smarts
as exodoi tar
as sufficed ocean
named Eu(-)
gratis wolf fugue tacit poem, one
glebe rep udder burden won, Eros

we fructose
                                  bee’s parataxes,
we nevi loci 
                                                                   /tore, see, go/
pariah my nope gobs of
nitro’s ergo-flee even(t)
as us revo brutes rap:
“Rob all land evils”
a Tupi Zantac + sex attic
                                                             /ilex of/
+ tele-Momus sop
                                                          /silo pro/
oppose a tube-ulcer re-clue. But
Aesop poor polis possum omelet

+ fox
                                       elicit taxes,
+ cat Nazi
                                       put as
lived 'n all labor
                                       parse turbo versus
a(t) névé eel fog
(re)sort info’s bog
eponym hair
apogee’s erotic olive
new sex at a rap
                                                /see, besot/
curfew so renowned, rub
red dupe rebel genome
optic at eu-guff low
                                           /sit, argue/
de-manna e-codec if fuss  
a ratio doxes, as trams erode vets.



Cops per sec are
lore porcine gore,
erogenic rope role
races/reps POC



Guru fans



Breve (r)age,
                                            is re-menu
gyro-memory play
art rope rose yeah
plastic rain imports stelai
virtue syndet at caldera
reset art info or proly at lice
cop met Romeo paid traded
all I suffer, agemania grab red
             net self Farsi un-neem
                                   (s)oil of
                             IBM in bud
                           eu-relic odor
                                                 camel a
             niftier deity’s pig sin
             like Tir abysm regard
             execrates turf ode Roman
                                                                             /elative we/
era hepatitis era,
                                                 dreg a
no clafoutis nicer,
                                                 stunt a
vandal laps spot pal on art’s elapsed
                           art trap edition age
                           root to oregano IT.  
I depart trade’s palestra, no laptops
a DNA veil at
in situ,
                                       is e-meager
sit it,
                                                                      /ape, hare, ewe/   
vital enamored of 
rut set arc exedra
germ sybarite kiln
                                       is gipsy

tied re-it finale macro docile rue dub nimbi folio(s). Me?
                                                         Ennui’s raffles
                                                         tender bargain
                                                         a mega ref
                                                         fusillade dart
                                                         dia-poem or
                                                         tempo Cecil
                                                         Taylor proof
                                                         nitrates era red,
                                                         lactated NY’s
                                                         eu-trivia let’s
                                                         strop mini arc
                                                         its alpha eyes
                                                         ore portrayal,
                                                         gun emersion
                                                         omega reverb.



Nicholas Komodore is a Greek poet, filmmaker, composer, photographer and self-taught architect. His poetries, compositions and architectural designs have been published in Textsound, Tripwire: a journal of poetics, Armed Cell, Lana Turner, Cordite Poetry Review, Left Curve and the anthologies It's night in San Francisco but it's sunny in Oakland, Greek Avant-garde Poetry (Big Bridge issue 19) and #This Is A Co-op of the 15th Venice Biennale of Architecture. In 2011, he founded Mayakov+sky Platform, a collaborative framework on poetics, architecture and urban planning.


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