"Needs," "Fashion," and "It Helps"


I needed new glasses
I got new eyes
blame it on insurance and
my doting sister's
then I saw the sky for
what it was:
a lens to offer space an
the stakes?
the moon
naked beyond the telescope
craters groomed by
robotic AI
who needs 'em




I paint my shoes
a new color
every time the town
burns down
it's no rainbow arc
coursing through the clouds
as I smoke and steam
a factory manufacturing
bad dreams
resulting in
reliance on 
the blood of the earth



It Helps

we live in hotels
and eat food as if fed
by fingers above
a fishbowl
we walk the streets
and parade along
the boulevards
freely as if 
we are emancipated
until the line is crossed
and the teargas
and rubber bullets
harken us back
to murky smudged
aquarium concentrate of deep seas
and it only helps
in these crowded
corroded and corrupt times
to imagine
love exists



Jay Passer

Jay Passer, resident and native of San Francisco, has had work in print and online, appear all over the globe since 1988. He is the author of ten chapbooks, a few still available on Amazon.


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