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lue     be
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it (2.76)
d ily unde
is  efe  ed
xp essions
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um n     us
bout W n  t
one pu pose
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 exch n ed
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 so soon  s




 ocess. 3ème  s fo ms
of f om    nd which I,
ced     the ope  tion
he t kes the e l pid i
 Schw  tz pseudo-  ndo
e of     of s me by me
    C-M-C, would so wi
ut [hide]  nd itself i
c se numbe  (l. of bef
pit tion. cicuit M-C-M
    between these me n
e ted     into   commo
nsumption  s     l ws
 includin  2,000   inc
 one exp essions modes




ion  s
din  2
xp ess
En lis
 s  cq
pu ch
on mon




ce ned, RSA h s numbe  (o  the We dev
nes ext emes C-C,      ble committed)
n l c se to commodities; the due the
ke  nd multiplies itself s le M in (o
ell st ndpoint of B,       pu ch se.
 ve y object who the exp nsion. Bec u
to s second bulk,  nd be ins the s me
e the     mise  R ndom     But the is




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 so     long o d        dv
​oint of c pit l. which it
 s,     of pu ch s . popul
th  his of p op  ty,     t
s to l nd d  xp nsion of ?
cy (!)     d ni d f om ph
 t     compl t d. W  Th  8
f   nc      Inv  s  t  min
of us -v lu s)     And thi
    compl t      th  ci cu



Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen is a Finnish composer, writer and visual artist. He is focused on algorithmic processes in most of his works: music, texts, video art, glitch, visual arts, in attempt to generate new languages and forms not existed before (and after), self-written computer programs, improvisational forms, analog/digital hybrid constructions, stochastic/cybernetic systems, among others. Photo by Suvi Kervinen.


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