Music and Lemonade: "5: Momma Said" and "7: Birds and Smoke"

Music and Lemonade
5: Momma said

Internet. Information. Rain pouring into

the glass cunt of my mind

Momma always said I told you so

before beating the glass

“Look at all these things,” the platforms say

“No!” Momma says

“Mr and Mrs ShouldandCould

have changed the farmland to a city

Michael Angelo into Rothko

Vangogh to Winogrand

and all our strivings have become gated communities”

she adds

“We have disciplined grass

to buzz cuts

but the moon and sun

are still threats

without the everything app!”



Music and Lemonade
7: Birds and Smoke


lump, cough, choke

things that come with

what Moliere called

the most honest of vices

Smoke in your throat

is like a caged bird

solacing a hollow.



Darryl / Dadou / Baron Wawa

Darryl / Dadou / Baron Wawa is a Port-au-Prince born Haitian-American who studied Photography and Creative Writing. He enjoys chocolate and good books. That said, maybe a movie is a good book. He loves to work with images and words and their pairing.


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