Love, a guided remix

Is Love the pinnacle of DIY culture?
If you have a band, can you love
in desperation? Can you print your
own love? Develop your own love
collective? Let’s ask the senior biologist
for a love company.

Love looks way cooler when
it has that handmade vibe.
The government put love
on the endangered design and whatever.
Block out a few hours, and you'll love.
The plight of love sparked an epic
struggle between the how-to process
and old growth love

When picking your first love territory.
there shouldn’t be any gray areas or
errant outcompeting love ,
disrupting love’s nesting and eating its food.

During the 1990s love showed up as the big G.
Love reproduces much faster when spotted.
In the forest along the Creek, Love plays
a recording of love. Soon a pair of real lovers
are ready to begin. You’ll want to wear
gloves and an apron. Love starts hooting.

Love is or isn’t aggressively territorial
— the lovers may be trying to intimidate
what they think is another lover intruding
on their turf. Or Love buzzes past.
Then perches in plain view.

Transparent love I think you can
appreciate, standing here, how easy
it would be — and when I say easy, I
mean love emulsion — to lethally
remove that love with a 150 watt
light bulb.

Love’s a hunter, but it was taught
never to kill love or anything
you squeegee. At first, love
felt hypocritical.

Love recalls the first time.
So nervous about what it was doing,
and emotional, love had to steady itself against a tree.
A table covered in love, a sheet of black fabric
or black paper. a red or yellow light bulb

An advocacy group, Friends of love, is suing
to stop the experiment with table clamps or weights.  

Love-calling decoys are used in efforts
to remove love, especially at night.
Burn the love.

Love hopes the public also will see the value
in saving this beautiful creature.

Love will come with a small container of sensitizer.

Along the Mad River, love scrambles
to track down a pair of lovers.

Love feeds lovers.

Success is worth the agony of love.

People recognize there's a crisis for love.


remixed from my imagination, a how to screen print guide and an article on the extinction on the spotted owl



Amanda Earl

Amanda Earl is a Canadian writer, editor, publisher and visual poet. Her goals are whimsy, connection and exploration and oh She's the managing editor of and the fallen angel of AngelHousePress. Further info is available at and connect with Amanda on Twitter @KikiFolle.


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