"Like a Match" and "The Lesson Death Taught Me"

Like A Match

She was only mine
for a brief
moment in time.

Like a match
in the darkness

She told me
that I made her
finally happy
the night before
she died.

She deserved
to burn



The Lesson Death Taught Me

Things don’t manifest
based on your intention
or your vibration
or when you’re ready for them
or at the right time.

Things don’t happen
for a reason.

There is no script.
No author to your life story.
No Karma.
No energy.

There is no destiny.
No fate.
No god.
No one is testing you.

Shit just happens.
Terrible shit.
Beautiful shit.
Random shit.
All kinds of shit
and whether you love that shit
or that shit makes you so motherfucking
that you can barely stand to live another moment
is all based on your point of view.
What you desire.
What you despise.
What you love.

If fifty one years on this planet
has taught me one thing
it’s that human beings believe
some monumentally stupid shit.
Projecting all kinds of
anthropomorphic characteristics
onto the whole of existence itself.

I suppose in the end
all the crazy shit
that people say
doesn’t really matter.
It doesn’t change things
one damn bit.

It’s just exceedingly tiresome
on Facebook.




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