"Keister It" and "Work Environment"

Keister It

            some dishes come out spotty –
      need to be sent back through
            one more time, or several 
            Easter Lily stank
            a putrid process
            crack across
      clay Buddha’s hands
            remain tight clasped
            takes in blood of Christ
      like a prairie oyster
            folk remedy
            things still feel dry
      at April’s tail-end, yet
            life begins to stir



Work Environment

The boss knew the blueprints well, and had carefully barred every other means of egress available to their small staff of temp workers. Alternative being the same but slower, each took their turn facing the gauntlet; some made it out punctured or missing a chunk, but as many were feasted upon piecemeal, indolently. As their ranks dwindled a pile grew, and he sat vigil upon its promontory cross-legged like a yogi, assured those who’d successfully escaped his clutches would not send aid for them cornered remaining. Nor did they.

gradually consumed
by a few whales
all those sharks



Jerome Berglund

Jerome Berglund, nominated last year for the Touchstone awards and Pushcart Prize, has many haiku, haibun and haiga exhibited and forthcoming online and in print, most recently in the Asahi Shimbun, Bottle Rockets, Frogpond, and Modern Haiku. His first full-length collection of poetry Bathtub Poems was just released by Setu Press. Jerome recommends the National Lawyers Guild.


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