"it's all fun and games," "The Radio Operator," and "John 14:2"

it's all fun and games


the asteroid strikes
the earthquake hits
the dirty bomb gets delivered
the lone gunman is not alone
            is not somewhere you’re not
            is not driven by race religion gender
                        or choice of favorite team
the power goes out
            water doesn't flow
            sun doesn't rise
            doesn't set
and reality in some form comes crashing in
while you're just a bit too far from home
to close that backyard bunker door
behind you



The Radio Operator

A desert somewhere. Two men work,
cleaning out a destroyed enemy tank.
It's part of the war's routine.

The object is shrunken by fire,
is the same black as the uniform
now burned and fused to it.

It was trapped inside the hot, steel box
when the anti-tank shell pierced the armor,
a brand new sun shining in the confines.

As the body was pulled from the hulk,
the arms and head broke away.
Only the boots attest to a human corpse.

It's part of a war's routine.
This is what we do to each other
in the name of gods and countries.



John 14:2

There are places of worship

            where fluted columns raise vaulted arches,
                        barred ghetto windows pierce brick,
                        or trees edge green and white by season;

            where voices echo singly in the stillness,
                        speak only in their hearts,
                        or match to dancing clapping.

Can it really be
            God prefers one
                        or the other?



Lennart Lundh

Chicago-area native Lennart Lundh is a fine art and documentary photographer, as well as an internationally-recognized historian, poet, and short-fictionist. His images have appeared in numerous books, anthologies, journals, and magazines since 1984, and reside in reference archives at several museums. Len has also donated work sold in the Rochester, New York, Community Art Center's "ROCO6x6" fundraiser for the last seven years. Other images may be found online at Fine Art America and Redbubble


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