Island Quarry

from "It's the Poetry, Man!"

Check out It's the Poetry, Man!, a collection of eleven tracks: poems by Hart Crane, William Blake, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and William Shakespeare set to music by Paul Burton. Let's start with "Island Quarry," a poem by Hart Crane, with Pablo Sablo's voice, Paul Burton on guitars, Curtis Ohlson on bass guitar, and Josh Jones on drums.

Paul says, "This poem by Hart Crane was one of the first i set to music last January, and like the others was 'composed' spontaneously in reaction to the flow of the poetry. It was an interesting process and i think i captured the vibe and maybe the meaning of the poem. Crane's poetry is considered obscure but he had specific intentions for the allusions and associations he had in mind. I think my slide guitar through the wah wah pedal sound expressed some of the feelings and associations i have for the poem. I love the drums and bass on that one also."



You can listen to all of It's the Poetry, Man! on Bandcamp for free, or buy the album for $15. Meanwhile, check out the liner notes, which are filled with great information about the album, the poets, and the nature of setting poetry to music.



Paul Burton, who sings under the name of his alter ego, Pablo Sablo, is a guitarist and song maker with over 40 years of experience playing many kinds of traditional and original world musics in various combos. Burton’s original music reflects his eclectic musical tastes — playing Celtic, Reggae, African Soukous and Highlife, Brazilian Samba and Bossa Nova, Blues, Folk, Jazz, and fusions of different genres.


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