"Is she missing an important diagnosis?," "A / copycat plot / by British narrowrists," and "onions as the major crop"

Is she missing an important diagnosis?

Norrin is super excited about
Saturday. She makeshifts her
words so that the verbs tell a
more complicated story of de-
pression & anxiety, but at the
same time support small busi-
ness in critical talks between
six world powers & Iran. Both

the movie & the book are told
from the perspective of subcon-
tract squandering by citizens as
they greet & seat the Mayor &
Council members. Diplomacy
might provide a greater profit.



A / copycat plot / by British narrowrists

Either a felony methamphetamine
charge or the guilt of a teenage
babysitter is what makes Hollywood
tick. Elswhere, Israeli military forces
intercepted half a portion of pro-
cessed meat complete with chunky
glasses & a Ph.D. There's a long
line of erratic behavior around

these parts, much of it the subject of
enduring, embarrassingly powerful
affection. A prime example is the
multiregional hypothesis, an alter-
native scientific model whose car is
about to be towed for illegal parking.



onions as the major crop

Because of either infinity or
invisibility — the translation
is unclear — there's been a lot
of jelly crystals downloaded
recently around the world,
especially in Southern Meso-
potamia. They've discovered
it works best if you use some

sort of black & white or sepia
photo gallery, with clean,
simple, Shaker lines. Many
people are unaware that
lethal blast waves may follow
on the same or following day.



Mark Young

Mark Young’s first published poetry appeared over sixty-two years ago. Much more recent work has appeared in RIC Journal, Scud, Ygdrasil, Mobius, Offcourse, SurVision, BlazeVOX, Don’t Submit!, & Word For/Word. Mark recommends the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


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